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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

17th March 2020

Eden Windows, Doors & Conservatories considers its customers’ safety and well being to be of the utmost importance.  In light of recent developments, we’d like to share with you Eden’s approach to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in order to reassure you of the health and safety measures we’re taking to keep everyone safe. We are, of course,...

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Solid Roof?

11th March 2020

This needs to be determined well before our team of roof fitters turn up at your house to remove your existing conservatory roof and put a solid roof in its place. Whether you meaningfully or unknowingly fail to obtain planning permission for a solid roof when it’s required, a planning breach could see you be...

A Company To Be Trusted – Eden Windows Is A Certass Member

5th March 2020

Anyone buying new windows and doors for the very first time could easily feel intimidated by the prospect of trying to find a home improvement company they can rely on. It doesn’t help that there are so many window and door specialists to choose from, including Eden Windows. In our opinion, if you want a...

3 Ways Of Increasing The Current Value Of Your Home

27th February 2020

It’s been very uncertain times in Britain over the past three and a half years because of the Brexit process, not knowing whether it would or wouldn’t happen. This destabilised our housing market, but now that we’ve officially exited the European Union, it will hopefully start to pick up again, and may well see a...

Why You Shouldn’t Extend With A Modular Extension

21st February 2020

Extending at home has become the fashionable thing to do ever since it was made easier to extend without planning permission. If you find extending your current living space an enticing prospect, we would offer you this piece of advice – do not be tempted to have a modular extension fitted! For those who haven’t...

How Condensation Occurs And How To Stop It

17th February 2020

Going by the amount of people who speak to us about it, we know that lots of you will be glad to see the back of winter, mainly because you are sick of seeing condensation on the inside of your windows first thing every morning. We feel your pain and know exactly why it happens....

Worry About Your Home Security? Get An Extreme Solid Core Door

10th February 2020

You shouldn’t have a care in the world when locking your front door behind you and heading out, but that’s easier said than done if you don’t have full confidence in the door keeping it safe. Do you have recurring visions of someone forcing it open, breaking in and swiping your stuff? That’s no way...

Our January Sale Is On…But Not For Much Longer!

23rd January 2020

Time is not on your side if you want to take advantage of the amazingly low prices, we’ve put on all our living spaces, windows and doors in the Eden January Sale, and haven’t done so yet – it’s about to end. It’s not a small saving you will make on these products either –...

Want To Know What The Biggest Home Trends Will Be In 2020?

23rd January 2020

We imagine you will do if you’ve taken a long hard look at the inside of your home after taking down your Christmas decorations and decided that it needs freshening up somehow. You will be especially intrigued to discover what other householders around the world will be doing to their home interiors if it’s a...

Get Our Brand-New FREE Guide To Solid Roofs

20th January 2020

The biggest concern that potential conservatory and orangery buyers express to our consultants when contemplating buying one of our luxury home extensions is the fear that they will be unusable for a high percentage of the year. They may know someone who owns a conservatory or orangery and heard them complaining about the weather having...

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