If you are looking to improve your quality of life and inject value into your property, consider investing in an Eden conservatory.


How will your new space be used? Whether it be simply for the extra room, a large open plan kitchen or simply a space to chill out and bask in those garden views, we can help guide you towards the ideal style and design for your needs.

Experience the benefits of a glass roof conservatory

For a totally clear and unrestricted view above your eyes you’re best selecting a glass roof so that you can see everything without any hindrance. Solar control is also of the highest quality, you can tint the glass too, and if you haven’t got the time to maintain the roof or the structure is positioned in a complex spot then you can always specify self-cleaning glass.

Modern Glass Roof Conservatory
A tiled roof conservatory is something that no other roof can match...

Overhead light and the views you gain above your head will be somewhat sacrificed as a consequence of fitting a solid roof but it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem as you can utilise roof windows and integrated spotlights to resolve the issue. A tiled roof does have many benefits as it will increase the level of privacy and warmth you get when sat inside.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory
We can create the extra living space you always imagined

Conservatories can be manufactured to any size and specification, which makes them extremely versatile living spaces. Regardless of your style of home, modern or traditional, our conservatories can be matched to complement it. Whether you are looking to create a place of relaxation, or you’re to extend an extra part of your home, we can help.

Eden conservatories are available in a wide range of classic looks, in a stunning assortment of colours and finishes available across Kent and South East London.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory


Find your perfect conservatory amongst our exceptional UPVC, Aluminium and Timber Hardwood options. Our classic conservatories remain a favourite for homeowners living in Kent and South East London due to their timeless design and inherent durability.

UPVC conservatories are popular for good reason…

UPVC conservatories are suitable for many different types of homes in Kent and South East London. Whether you own a new build or a 20th Century home, we’ll gladly help you find a design that complements the look of your property. A great advantage of our UPVC conservatories is that they require very little maintenance and are extremely durable.

Our UPVC conservatories are designed to last, which means whether you choose to use your new space as a living room, dining room or an office you can rest assured you’ll be able to enjoy your new UPVC conservatory for years to come.

Cream UPVC Georgian Windows
We’ll help you find the right colour finish for your UPVC conservatory…

Our range of UPVC colour finishes will delight and surprise you! We have a wide range of shades to suit every customer. You may wish to select a classic colour or choose something more on-trend. White is a classic conservatory colour but we would never dream of limiting your choice, why not choose from our natural wood finishes range of create a modern UPVC conservatory with our grey frames.

Speak to an Eden advisor about our variety of colour options for your UPVC conservatory.

Embrace the view with an aluminium conservatory…

Due to the sheer strength of aluminium, it can be moulded to be slender while maintaining its strength and durability. If you think UPVC frames are too bulky, an aluminium conservatory could be the perfect alternative. The slim frames look beautifully modern and allow for expansive glazing, ensuring plenty of natural light enters your space.
Our aluminium conservatories are an elegant choice for any home in Kent or South East London. Speak to a member of our design team to see how an aluminium conservatory can transform your home by giving you a practical living space you’ll enjoy all year round.

Cream Aluminium Conservatory
We’ve got every shade...

Find your perfect shade in our wide range of colours. Our 11 stage powder-coating process ensures a flawless finish that’s vibrant, long-lasting and simply stunning. The colour finish you choose is a great way to add personality to your aluminium conservatory, so don’t rush the decision.

Thanks to the wide range of colour options available from Eden Windows you can create your ideal aluminium conservatory that’s perfectly tailored to your home. We can present you with both modern and traditional finishes, speak to our team for details.

Timber will make your conservatory appear more charming and rustic.

The exceptional style of our timber conservatories are hard to beat. A timber conservatory is particularly lovely in the colder months, creating a cosy space to relax and socialise in. Long gone are the days of troublesome timber – Eden Windows’ timber is carefully engineered to guarantee a long-lasting conservatory.

Eden is proud to offer a full spectrum of classic and unique colours to enhance your timber conservatory…

Whether you want to enhance the natural beauty of timber or you have a more unique vision in mind, Eden Windows can make it happen. We can also offer advice if you want the conservatory to blend in with your current windows and doors or stand out in spectacular fashion.

Timber Colour Swatch


At Eden Windows, we’re a big fan of the details. Every finishing touch adds to your conservatory’s aesthetic and it’s extremely important to get it right. You can trust our team to be meticulous with every part of the design. It will be tailored to your taste, including selecting the perfect final details.

Our glass roof conservatories are exceptional

For an incredible aerial view, a glass roof conservatory delivers. The vast glazing will maximise natural light within the space, creating an incredibly inviting environment. Don’t be concerned about feeling too hot in summer or too cold in winter, as our intelligent glazing will regulate the temperature inside.

Modern Glass Roof Conservatory
We offer a wide selection of glass roofing options.

There’s plenty of glass roof options at Eden . From self-cleaning glass to incorporating roof windows for extra ventilation, there’s a full range of possibilities when it comes to glazing. Our glass roofs incorporate smart glazing, ensuring the conservatory won’t overheat in the summer or feel too cold in winter.

Made from premium materials, Eden’s tiled roofs are surprisingly lightweight.

If energy efficiency is a particular concern to you, our tiled roofs are exceptional in their thermal performance and will successfully create a year-round environment. Moreover, our weather-resistant tiled roofs can be matched to your existing tiles. Just speak to an Eden advisor about what’s possible.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Extension
Choose between two excellent tile styles

Our high-performance tiles are far lighter than commonly-used, traditional roofing material. They also require less maintenance. Our lightweight slates provide a classic look and should be considered as a stylish alternative to traditional slates. They work particularly well for low-pitched roofs.


vWe have two distinct categories of conservatories – glass roof conservatories and tiled roof conservatories. One style is not better than the other – it depends what your priorities are. Find out the benefits of each style below.

Glass Roof Conservatory


When you think of a conservatory, you will probably picture a glass roof. Traditionally, conservatories would include a glass roof to make the most out of natural light. A glass roof will create a light-filled space, even on an overcast day! A glass roof looks truly spectacular.

Tiled Roof Conservatory


A tiled roof conservatory provides exceptional thermal efficiency, so you can feel comfortably warm all year. Summers are expected to get hotter each year as scientists warn about more frequent heatwaves. And with the expense of heating your home, an energy efficient tiled roof conservatory is the perfect solution.

Reassurance for your conservatory…

You should rightly expect your conservatory to last but on occasion some small remedial adjustments may need to be made so that it endures the ageing process. This should be stipulated and covered for in the guarantee supplied with the purchase so that you don’t find yourself having to fork out for any future modifications.

Therefore it is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the guarantee from the very outset. Eden offers a 10 year guarantee for conservatories for total peace of mind.

Living Space Conservatory


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Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



Finding your perfect conservatory is made easy when you choose Eden Windows. We’ll create the perfect living space for you and answer any questions you have. Discover more about our fantastic range of conservatories below.

Do you need planning permission for a conservatory?

In most cases, conservatories can be constructed without requiring planning permission.

In the majority of instances, planning permission is not required for the construction of conservatories. For UK homeowners, following the Permitted Development guidelines typically allows for the hassle-free installation of conservatories. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to check that your conservatory design aligns with these regulations, preventing potential legal implications down the line.

For guidance in your unique circumstances, consulting the knowledgeable professionals at Eden Windows can provide you with the necessary assurance to move ahead with your conservatory project confidently.

You can also read our guide to planning permission for more advice.

How long do conservatories last?

What is the lifespan of a conservatory?

A well-crafted conservatory from Eden Windows is designed to endure for decades. While the exact lifespan can vary, proper maintenance and care can extend its longevity.

Opting for an experienced installer who employs premium materials, coupled with regular upkeep and responsible usage, can significantly contribute to prolonging your conservatory’s life.

Upon completion of your installation, we provide you with a comprehensive guarantee that covers both movable and non-movable components.

Our ability to offer such a comprehensive guarantee is a result of our meticulous product design and manufacturing process, ensuring enduring quality. Through our 20-year guarantee, we aim to provide homeowners with the peace of mind and exceptional value they deserve.

Do conservatories add value to your home?

Elevate your home’s worth with an Eden Windows conservatory.

Integrating a well-designed conservatory into your property can certainly increase its value. A conservatory that seamlessly blending with your existing structure introduces extra usable space. This could be a versatile living area or a home office, which can appeal to potential buyers. The increase of natural light and energy-efficient features further heightens its appeal.

The extent of the value increase depends on factors like your property’s location and ongoing market trends. In areas where conservatories are sought-after, the impact on value can be particularly notable. Staying compliant with local regulations and ensuring consistent maintenance play pivotal roles in upholding the added value of your conservatory-enhanced property.

How can you use a conservatory?

Discover the endless possibilities with an Eden Windows conservatory.

A conservatory unfolds as a versatile and adaptable space, which can accommodate a multitude of purposes, elevating your home’s functionality. Among its many possible roles, a popular choice is to extend your living area, creating a warm and inviting lounge perfect for unwinding and basking in natural sunlight. Alternatively, turn it into a spacious dining haven, where you can enjoy meals with the view of your garden.

Your conservatory could also effortlessly transform into an optimal home office or study space. The abundance of natural light will create the perfect atmosphere for focus and productivity.

There’s also the option of turning it into a recreational sanctuary – a space for indoor plants, an art studio, or a home gym. We can thoughtfully tailor the design of your conservatory to your desires and hobbies.

Which conservatory will suit my house style?

Picking the perfect conservatory style that matches your house is important.

For houses with one floor, the lean-to conservatory is a smart choice. Its clean lines and simple design go well with modern looks. Its slanted roof fits naturally with your home’s roofline, making it feel like it belongs.

If your house has a traditional style, the Edwardian or Victorian conservatory designs work well. The Edwardian design has a square or rectangle shape with a pitched roof, which looks balanced and classic. It suits many kinds of houses and adds a timeless touch.

The Victorian style is fancier, with a curved bay front that’s truly elegant. It’s perfect if your house has a bit of history or a Victorian look. The ornate details and distinct form will add character and allure into your property.

The important thing is to pick a style that matches how your house looks. This way, your new conservatory will make your home even more valuable. The advisors at Eden Windows can help you select the best conservatory style for your home.

What are the most popular conservatory styles in Kent and South East London?

The most popular conservatory styles in Kent and South East London.

In Kent and South East London, certain conservatory styles have gained popularity due to the common house styles in this area. The lean-to conservatory is a prevalent choice, especially for its clean lines and modern appeal. Its simplicity and versatility make it fitting for both urban and suburban environments. The lean-to’s slanted roof design often aligns harmoniously with the existing rooflines, seamlessly blending into various architectural styles found in the area.

Edwardian conservatories are also favoured for their timeless charm and symmetrical design. With a square or rectangular shape and pitched roof, they complement a wide range of traditional and contemporary homes in Kent and South East London. The Edwardian style adds a touch of classic elegance that resonates well with the region’s architectural diversity.

Due to the historical significance and heritage of the area, Victorian conservatories are also popular choices. Characterised by their ornate details and distinctive bay-curved fronts, Victorian conservatories bring an air of refinement and historical richness to homes, particularly those with traditional or Victorian-inspired designs.

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