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3 Mistakes To Avoid With Your New Kitchen Extension

The living room always used to be the main setting in the average UK household, but the kitchen has stolen its thunder and tends to be where families now join together, and not just for the weekly Sunday roast. 

Dining Room Extension

Do you and your family find yourselves using your kitchen a lot more nowadays? Is it fully catering for all your needs?

If not, why not get a kitchen extension organised with Eden Windows. 

Our designers will deliver a totally faultless kitchen for your home that incorporates everything you require. 

No mistakes will be made, these being 3 of the most common with new kitchens:

Poor lighting

Getting the lighting right in a kitchen seems such an obvious thing, but people too often get it wrong. 

You want it at its strongest where you prep food for meals, at the hob and close to the sink for when washing up. This requires quality task lighting, which you can implement into the underside of kitchen cupboards, as an example. 

If you want to include a kitchen island as an informal seating area, you can illuminate it with a low-hanging pendant light. To draw natural light into the kitchen, ask for a skylight.

Not enough countertops

There will be certain kitchen appliances that you want to keep out, and you also need plenty of worktop space for chopping, blending, and whatever else is needed to get your evening meals sorted. 

Factor this in when sitting down and designing your kitchen as you really don’t want to end up with a shortage of worktops. 

Just inform your designer of your intended kitchen usage so that they know to provide a sufficient amount of countertops.

Not checking if it needs planning permission

Once your kitchen design is complete, the next step should be to clarify if you will need planning permission to have it built onto your home. Get confirmation of this from your local authority. 

Where Permitted Developments Rights apply, it automatically complies with planning laws and no application for planning permission will be necessary. 

It may also need Building Regulations Approval, which is something completely different from planning permission. Again, your Local Authority will advise on this.

Visit our Extensions page and you will find out what lengths we go to when creating cutting-edge kitchen extensions for our customers.

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