Aluminium Or UPVC – Which Material Is Best For Your Home Improvements?

If you have a good look around our website or one of our showrooms, you will see that we use aluminium and UPVC to craft many of the home improvement products in our range.

Grey Aluminium Windows

We rate both materials equally and time has proved to us that aluminium and UPVC conservatories, windows and doors always deliver the lasting quality that our customers need.

Don’t ask us to recommend aluminium over UPVC, or vice-versa, as it would be practically impossible for our team to say you should go for one material instead of the other.

What we are happy to do though is highlight the reasons why aluminium and UPVC are so good…


Beautiful, elegant – Aluminium home improvements really have that touch of class about them and it’s partly because aluminium can be moulded to create an amazingly slender frame. For something with an ultra-modern appearance, aluminium products will capture your heart.

Resilient, robust – There aren’t many materials as tough as aluminium. The possibility of any damage being caused to an aluminium frame is extremely slim due to how tough it is.

Quality finish – The coloured finish applied to an aluminium frame really stands out and looks so sophisticated. You can put that down to it being powder-coated on via a number of crucial stages.


Weather-proof – Traditional windows, doors and conservatories are easily affected by weathering which causes them to lose their appearance and performance. UPVC, on the other hand, can resist rain, snow, and whatever else the weather hammers it with.

Low-maintenance – Nobody wants or has the time to be maintaining their windows, doors or conservatories (repairs, cleaning, varnishing, painting etc.) You won’t have to do any of that with UPVC products as they can simply be wiped down with a wet cloth to make them look new again.   

Low-cost – The inexpensiveness of UPVC is a big-selling for people with only a limited budget available to buy new home improvements. This low-cost doesn’t come at the sacrifice of quality though, far from it.


Make the trip to one of our showrooms if you would like to view the best aluminium and UPVC products the industry has to offer.



Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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