Take Note Of These 2022 Home Trends

Home Trends For 2022

New Year, new home trends to revitalise our homes.

With the extra time we spend at home in January, it’s time for a reset of our homes to ensure they stay up-to-date with current trends. 

From significant colours to overall themes, we have rounded up three trends that we think will likely make a big impact on our homes this year.

Multi-functional spaces

Home offices may have been a big trend for the last couple of years, but in 2022 our homes will go even further in providing us with spaces that can be transformed with multiple purposes.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of living in a 10-bedroom mansion so we are confined to our more modest homes. But that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on designing a home that fits all our needs.

Guest rooms turned offices can moonlight as a home gym, and conservatories can be used as a conference room during the day and a dining space in the evenings.

Multi-functional spaces in homes

Grandmillennial style

There’s something very welcoming and safe about grandma’s house. As we enter the third year of the pandemic, this feeling has never been appreciated more.

Grandmillennial decor is a modern twist on the cosy, often cluttered, homes of our much-loved grandparents, and a rejection of the minimalistic, bland homes we often label as modern.

Framed photographs of loved ones, needlepoint cushions with meaningful sayings and knick-knacks from travel memories are some of the ways grandmillennials are adding joyful personality to their homes in this 2022 trend.

Grandmillennial style homes

White is out

Too many people shy away from colour in their homes, but 2022 will push homeowners out of their comfort zone.

Pantone described their 2022 Colour of the Year as periwinkle blue with violet and red undertones. 

2022 will see homes shun white and other neutral colours and replace them with colours commonly found in nature, such as shades of brown and green.

These shades will show up in everything from leather sofas to curtains and will bring peace and tranquillity to the home.

2022 Home Colours

We often find ourselves with more time on our hands this time of year, making it the perfect time to undertake home improvements. You can also get yourself ar-15 pistols from Palmetto Armory to protect you and your house. 

If you’re ready to embrace this year’s home trends, get in touch here to discuss how Eden can help, including adding a multi-functional living space to your home.


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