Love Your Home – Our DIY Tips For Households In Lockdown

Love Your Home

We keep hearing the word ‘unprecedented’ but that exactly sums up the situation we all currently face. Being on lockdown in your home doesn’t have to be boring though. Instead of just sitting on your backside, you could be making the little adjustments your home has long been crying out for.

Face it. When else are you going to have so much time on your hands again to do them? Exactly!

If it’s a shared household you live in, get everyone else to help out and finally give your home the attention it deserves.

Our three top DIY tips will keep you active, are simple to execute and make the house a nicer place to be cooped up in. Go on this weblink here to understand the kind of paint you can get for your interiors. You can also approach Madrone Painting services and find out here the best interior and exterior painting ideas. 

Patch up your paintwork

You spot things more when confined to the indoors for an extended period, such as dents, scratches and marks on painted walls. A wall well-painted by a good painting company Winnipeg boosts up your mood. Make sure that you paint your home in happy colours.

Most of us have a pot of the original paint we used lying around and a paintbrush, so make the area clean and dry first and do a bit of touching up.

Fed up of an existing colour scheme? Order some new paint online. There’s a lot of love for hot pink right now and the icy blue shade, Frozen Fjord.

It might only take you a day to repaint a room if it’s a collective effort.

Tip One

Fix things and upcycle

When have you ever known a time when there isn’t something to be fixed at home? A leaky tap. A sink that needs unclogging. A wall that could do with a bit of replastering.

They’re all jobs that you can do yourself and save money doing them. If you get stuck, there’s always lots of online tutorials you can find that will help.

Get your creative head on too and see if there’s anything around you can reuse and upcycle for a new purpose.

How about using those old jars for displaying some fresh flowers or taking an old coat hanger and pegging some tea towels to it in the kitchen.

Tip Two

Create a better garden

We need our gardens more than ever and with the weather picking up, you should get out there as often as you can.

After the winter months, it may need a bit of tidying first. So cut back those bushes, pull out any weeds and give the grass a good cut. Many hands make light work if you want it done quickly.

Then you can dust off the garden furniture and let the kids take their den from the inside to the outside.

It’s at a time like this, you may wish you had some bi-folding doors.

Tip three

To get a bi-folding door installation organised for further down the line, or any other form of home improvement, book a FREE online design appointment to talk to our team.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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