Why You Shouldn’t Extend With A Modular Extension

Extending at home has become the fashionable thing to do ever since it was made easier to extend without planning permission.

A lady and child in their conservatory

If you find extending your current living space an enticing prospect, we would offer you this piece of advice – do not be tempted to have a modular extension fitted!

For those who haven’t heard of a modular extension before, it’s an extension that’s chiefly constructed in a factory, instead of being wholly built at an outdoor site, like a conservatory or orangery.

When it leaves the factory, it’s then transported directly to the relevant house for the final fitting.

Only a few days work is necessary to complete a modular extension installation and that’s great if you’d prefer minimal disruption caused to your home life and want an extension fast.

What’s not so great is the fact that modular extensions don’t provide the same build quality you associate with extensions that aren’t prefabricated.

That’s not a massive surprise though when you consider how quick it takes to install a modular extension. What’s also unsurprising is that modular extensions have a far shorter lifespan than a properly constructed extension. Put it this way. It would be impossible for us to offer our industry-leading 20-year guarantee with a modular extension as there’d be no guarantee it would survive for that length of time.

Another negative point from a customer’s perspective is that there’s hardly any customisation options for modular extensions. This limits how you can personalise the design and make it feel like your own.

A modular extension could also cause you a headache in the future if you want to sell your home.

It will be categorised as a ‘non-standard construction’ and it can be difficult getting a mortgage for homes with these types of buildings.


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