How To Use Your Time At Home To Keep Healthy

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

Being in lockdown won’t be how you envisaged spending the majority of the spring season, but take solace from knowing that you’re playing a vital part in saving lives. 

It’s unusual for us to have to spend so much time at home, but with a little adjustment, you’ve got this covered!

It’ll be over before you know it if you stay busy, and just as importantly, stay healthy while indoors. 

Get in lots of exercise, maybe a daily Joe Wicks workout or take to your own treadmill, and have some structure to your days, with each of the following three steps incorporated into them:

And breathe … some relaxation is key

Don’t get lazy now! Set goals for each and every day, which could be anything as big as clearing out the garage or spare bedroom to the small matter of sorting the ironing, ticking them off as you go along.  

You do need plenty of downtime during days though and to take it easy at times.

Organise an online group chat with the friends and relatives you haven’t seen since lockdown began using Zoom, Facetime or Skype. For a laugh, you could all pop on some form of fancy dress or host your own pub quiz, anything that gets those chuckle muscles working.

Tip One

Use your outdoor space more

It isn’t healthy to spend too much time indoors – we need a bit of sun on our skins to make us feel good and reinvigorate our bodies.

You’re permitted to go for outdoor exercise once a day, so make the most of it, and also use your garden at every opportunity you get.

When the sun is beating down, have your breakfast, lunch or dinner in your outdoor space and tell the kids to join you. They can even do their homework outside if they want or you can take on the role of teacher in your own open air classroom.

Tip Two

Have a home bake off

Eating too many baked goods isn’t great for the old waistline, but baking offers several physical and psychological benefits – you ‘knead’ it in your life. 

Appoint one family member as judge and everyone else can take on a technical challenge (not too tasking though) to try and impress them in the hope of a ‘Hollywood’ handshake. 

Who will come out as ‘Star Baker’ and who will be left with a soggy bottom? 

Flour is in high demand at the moment because of buddy bakers, so if you can’t get any, stick to recipes like peanut butter cookies or rocky roads.

Tip three

It will also be a boost to your wellbeing if you put in place plans to improve your home with Eden Windows so that they can be fitted quickly once the restrictions are over. Use our FREE Online Appointment Service to do that.


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