5 Benefits Of Brightening Your Home With A Skylight

Customers often come to us and want to know about the most in-things at the moment in the home improvement world as they seek to make their property ultra-contemporary.

UltraSky Roof Lanterns

Solid roofs for old conservatories are currently a big buyer favourite amongst those wanting to restore thermal efficiency in their home extension ahead of summer, as are skylights, another summer special.

A skylight, or rooflight / roof lantern as it’s sometimes also called is ‘an opening in a house roof that is covered with translucent or transparent material designed to admit light’.

Eden loves to give people a wide amount of choice and supplies and fits a series of skylights:

  • Atlas Roof Lanterns
  • UltraSky Roof Lanterns
  • Atlas Flat Rooflights

Why are they so sought after by householders? We can think of at least five reasons why:

  1. Cheaper electricity costs

Extended daylight hours in summer are a major benefit for skylight owners as a skylight’s very presence enables lots of natural light to travel into the respective room. If it was previously a particularly dark room, then it will help you cut down your reliance on artificial electricity, cutting the cost of lighting bills and lowering your carbon footprint, helping you make a valuable contribution to the environment.

  1. Creates the illusion of space

A room that felt cramped and tight for space will suddenly somehow feel larger than it actually is once a skylight is in place thanks to the light that invades it. Light distribution is a real secret ingredient to spaciousness.  

  1. Beautiful views

Look upwards through a skylight and you will enjoy the most captivating views of the sky above. Framework occupies very little of a skylight design as it is predominantly glazed, giving you amazing transparency.

  1. Temperature regulation

We utilise energy efficient glass in all of our skylights, so you don’t need to worry about it causing rooms to become either too cold or too hot. It will adjust to the weather outside so that interiors feel consistently comfortable.

  1. Talking point

It’s always pleasing when people say nice things about your home and the very sight of a skylight will impress guests. There’s something show-stopping about a skylight and it could be the envy of your neighbours.

The sky really is the limit at Eden Windows. Be the trend-setter in your area and secure your skylight from us today. Contact us.


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