Top Tips To Protect Your Home From Condensation

Condensation isn’t something you need to overly worry about in summer, but once autumn and winter come around it becomes more of an issue for many and often blights the windows at their house.

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Some mistakenly think that there’s nothing they can do about condensation and just leave it to manifest. Doing so can have very serious consequences and result in the formation of mould and damp which can be damaging to our health once they really set in. For example, asthma is just one potential health risk that can be caused by contact to mould and damp.

Once you have a little knowledge of condensation you start to understand what can be done to cease it.

How is condensation caused?

There’s a very simple explanation and it’s down to a lack of ventilation as excess moisture builds up indoors when it’s unable to escape. It is important to point out that dew is a completely different thing.

How do I stop it?

It can be stopped with relative ease as there are at least five straightforward methods of culling condensation…

  1. Hang out your washing outside

Let’s hope that this beautiful spell of weather we have experienced over summer will continue well into September and October and if it does take advantage and hang out your washing outside. Why? Indoor drying causes a build-up of moisture.

  1. Put a lid on things

Any vegetables that you cook in pans when making a meal should be cooked with the lids firmly on. This stops moisture from escaping and you would also be wise to turn on an available extractor fan for the same reason.

  1. Invest in a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is designed to take away any moisture that exists in the air and minimise the threat of mould or damp. You can also use it for drying clothes indoors when the weather prevents you from doing the same outside.

  1. Free your furniture from the walls

Leaving a decent gap between any furniture you have in your house and the walls that surround it enables air to properly circulate and not get trapped. When air gets trapped it can often result in moisture building.

  1. Wipe it away

At the first sign of condensation you should remove it as quickly as you can to stop mould or damp occurring. This can be done with a cloth or buy a squeegee or window vac to eliminate any condensation more thoroughly.

Customers regularly ask us about how they can stop condensation, so why decided to compile a guide to condensation that you can download from our Helpful Guides page.






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