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3 Of The Most Popular Conservatory Styles

To overcome a current shortage of space in your home, you may have decided to get a conservatory incorporated into it. A great choice, if so! 

Brick Conservatory Internal View of Garden

Your home will be much improved because of its presence, not just in terms of the roominess it adds, but also the extra value it injects into it. It will also increase the stylishness of the building. 

All you need to do now is choose what conservatory style you want, a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

You want a conservatory that reflects your own personality and the form of lifestyle that you like to lead. 

There are three main styles of conservatory to pick from – classic, modern and bespoke. 


A classic conservatory is predominantly glazed and will usually include a dwarf wall, with the most typical classic designs being the Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to and Gable variations. 

This style will appeal to you if you don’t want to compromise on substance and are after a conservatory that will have a timeless appearance and never look dated. 


Your motivation for buying a conservatory may come down to a desire to modernise the look of your property, in which case, a modern-styled conservatory will be the logical choice. 

In a modern conservatory, you get an internal lighting pelmet, which ensures you of an especially comfortable setting at nighttimes. 

Spotlights can be integrated into the pelmet and consider having a contemporary coloured finish for the frames. A bi-folding or French door will also give it a modern look and feel and offer a glorious garden gateway. 


Do you have a clear vision of how your perfect conservatory would look? If you do, you want to go for a bespoke design so that you can oversee its look and do so with the help of our designers. 

No bespoke conservatory is ever the same as people have differing tastes – what you like may not be everyone’s liking and vice-versa. 

How good would it feel to have a conservatory that you had tailored yourself, even down to the type of glazing used. 

You can see examples of all of these conservatory styles in our Gillingham showroom.

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