Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Must For The Summer Months

We’ve sold an awful lot of bi-folding doors recently and we think that many of those buying them are doing so because they are getting their property ready for a homecation this summer. 

Bi-Folding Doors on Extension

A holiday at home can easily make up for missing out on a journey abroad – so long as you’re together with your family, you can have fun anywhere. 

So, why in particular are customers turning to bi-folds? 

How could you not love the look of our Origin aluminium bi-folding doors? They are just about the most stylish bi-folds around. 

There’s more to it than that though:

Unite the indoors and outdoors

Your children won’t want to be stuck inside when it’s nice outside. They will want to be out in the garden, and you can choose to stay indoors, if you like. 

No matter how wide or compact the bi-folding door design, you will be able to establish a generous opening that gives you the perfect mix of the two settings at the same time, leaving everyone happy. 

Fully opened, outdoors, indoors, there will be no difference. 


Now, we’re being optimistic, but let’s speculate that the forthcoming summer will be a scorcher. 

If our optimism proves right, you won’t want the inside of your house to get too hot when you have no choice but to do those household chores. That’s when you can use a bi-fold to usher in a soothing breeze. 

It will keep the sweat off your brow, without the need for a traditional fan, which will cost you money to power. 

Simple outdoor dining

One of the nicest things about venturing to foreign climes is eating out each night. 

You don’t have to miss out on that as you can always do the British thing of having a barbecue most days and it will be far less hassle when a bi-folding door provides a direct route to your outdoor dining table. 

Plates, cutlery and everything else you need to take outside from the kitchen can be done so without any obstacles due to the large opening it offers. 

Read up on our Origin aluminium bi-folding doors here and then get Eden Windows to install them nicely in time for your summer break.


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