3 Reasons Why You Should Brighten Your Home With A Skylight

We are approaching the tail end of winter which thankfully means that lighter nights lay ahead. Hallelujah we hear you cry!

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Scientific research has proved that natural light has a positive influence on our mental health and physical well-being, so we should all embrace it as much as we can, including when we’re indoors.

There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to leave you feeling energised, put a spring in your step and ready to take on the world.

Let the sunshine in with a Skylight…

If the light emitted by the sun doesn’t have a transparent pathway into your conservatory, attic, study area, bathroom etc. create one by having a Skylight fitted.

A Skylight is an overhead roof window designed to admit daylight into living spaces and help brighten them.

The additional light they draw in is just one major benefit of a Skylight. There are at least 3 other reasons why you may want to incorporate a Skylight into your roof.

  1. Reduces artificial light usage and energy bills

The prolonged burst of natural sunlight that pours through the Skylight will illuminate the corresponding room and enable you to give your artificial lighting a rest during daylight hours. Lowering artificial light consumption will also have a positive impact on energy bills, reducing electricity costs, going some way towards helping you recoup some of the money invested in the Skylight.

  1. Supply ventilation and fresh air

Top-hung and centre pivot Velux windows on a sloping roof can easily be opened to let in outdoor air. The ventilation they provide will prevent rooms from overheating in summer and keep them cool. You can experiment with different sized openings depending on the weather conditions.

  1. Make small spaces feels bigger

It’s incredible how a little bit of sunlight can somehow make tight rooms feel as though they’re bigger than they actually are. That small loft space will seemingly increase in size once a Skylight sits proudly in the ceiling.

What are you waiting for?

The positioning and size of the Skylight is critical, and although planning permission generally doesn’t tend to be an issue, you should check whether it is required before any installation goes ahead.

See the light and enquire about our widespread Skylight range at Eden Windows today.


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