Composite Wood vs Traditional Timber

It’s such a nice luxury to have a bit of decking at the back of your house at this time of the year where you can just chill out in the sun and crack open a few cans.

Composite Wood Decking

Decking is just one of several products that we manufacture from composite wood as opposed to timber, though we do absolutely love timber and have a fantastic range of engineered timber entrance doors.

They’re both fantastic building materials but there are a number of reasons why we preference composite wood decking over timber decking.


Frequent exposure to the elements can sometimes take its toll on traditional timber decking and eventually cause it to become mouldy and rot. Composite wood decking is weather-resistant and capable of seeing off any weather over a prolonged period.

Low maintenance

You can try fight against any deterioration that occurs to timber decking via regular maintenance, but you’re likely to be fighting a losing battle. Virtually no maintenance is needed for composite decking as that’s needed to remove any marks is the occasional clean with a soapy mop or something similar. Timber decking can be cheaper but the life expectancy of composite wood is usually longer and it costs far less to maintain in the long run.

Splinter and slip-free

The weather has been so good recently that it’s only natural to want to enjoy your outdoor environment bare-footed. When doing so and walking on your decking, the last thing you want is to either slip and take a tumble or end up with splinters in your feet. The composite surface is both slip-free and splinter-free.

Timber-like aesthetics

Don’t feel foolish for mistaking composite wood decking for timber decking when seeing it in situ as it looks practically the same. This is the case due to its containing 60% timber and polymers, so it’s no surprise that they’re so alike.

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