Handcrafted windows with all the beauty of traditional timber. Evolution has created the perfect timber alternative for homes in Kent and South East London.

Our performance timber alternative window not only looks stunning, it offers a host of unique energy saving benefits and beautiful design touches. Evolution windows really do have to be seen to be believed, with the intricate detail and handcrafted elements really make these windows stand out from the rest.

Low maintenance, energy efficiency, beautiful design lines and over 200 colour options to choose from. With simple minimalist lines, Evolution windows suit both traditional and period homes as well as newer properties where the simple lines complement more modern house styles.

Evolution Windows
The contemporary, low maintenance alternative to timber…

There are many reasons why our Evolution windows appeal to homeowners in Kent and South East London. The window range is a great alternative to timber, providing attractive styling and modern performance benefits, such as energy efficiency and weatherproofing. The woodgrain effect is incredibly detailed, as it successfully mimics authentic timber windows.

Evolution Windows


Evolution windows are available in two cutting-edge styles: Storm 2 and Flush windows. Speak to an Eden advisor to find the perfect fit for your home. Whatever your property’s style or age, the right style of window will deliver on all fronts – aesthetically-pleasing, energy efficient and ultra-secure.

Evolution Windows


The Evolution Storm 2 takes storm-proof window design to a whole new level – a quite remarkable timber inspired window collection. Offering the trademark robustness you would only normally associate with authentic timber, the Storm 2 window also has the same delicate styling touches of a wooden equivalent. It more than excels when it comes to thermal efficiency too as it can achieve an A+13 rating as standard and is effortlessly adaptable as it can accommodate a triple glazed unit or acoustic glass if noise insulation is a major priority.

Evolution Flush Windows


The new Evolution Flush range varies slightly from storm-proof windows as their immensely slender window lines fit perfectly flush into the window frame. This creates an understated and visually enticing window style. Traditionally, flush fitting was the dominant window effect, but the development of modern windows has changed things. You would also normally only find a flush fitting in authentic timber windows, that’s until we tasked our clever designers and craftsmen to replicate a flush fitting in a contemporary window offering.


It’s great to have a wide selection of colours, glazing options and possible finishing touches to choose from. When we are finalising the details and performance qualities of your new windows, you will have plenty of chances to ensure they tick every box when it comes to aethetics and capabilities.

Extremely energy efficient...

Insufficient window insulation is a very common cause of heat loss in the home; indeed it could be responsible for over a third of heat loss. The full Evolution range will bring excessive heat loss to a permanent halt as it consists of some of the marketplace’s most thermally efficient contemporary window designs. The Storm 2 and Evolution Flush offer an A+ rating and are double glazed as standard, exceeding expected thermal performance levels.

Never again will the inside of your home feel icy cold in winter or overly hot in summer as the Storm 2 has a 1.3U value and WER of A+13 as standard, while the Evolution Flush boasts a 1.3U value and WER of A+11 as standard. You really cannot go wrong no matter which window from the Evolution range most appeals to you.

Evolution Windows
Security is built into our Evolution Windows...

Protection is an integral feature of our Evolution range. Inclusive of multi-point shoot bolt security locks and security bolts and claws, the Evolution collection promises to keep your home and your family safe.

Both our Storm and Flush ranges incorporate high level security into their design with shoot bolt locking on all windows. Our locks engage on three sides of the opening window to prevent intruders from getting in. The other side of the opening window is highly secure due to us fitting security SAC bolts. We can also provide enhanced security with our locking handles, adding an additional layer of security to your property.

Evolution Flush Windows
Glazing designed with noise reduction and efficiency in mind…

The rising cost of household fuel has sparked a growth of interest in energy efficient windows amongst UK householders. Every double glazed window from the Evolution range offers phenomenal energy efficiency, but if thermal efficiency is your top concern you can upgrade the design to ensure your home benefits from the optimum standard of thermal efficiency.

What is Acoustic Glass? We live in a noisy world and when noise infiltrates your living space it can become quite frustrating. It’s so nice to be able to shut out that noise and you will be able to do that if you stipulate the inclusion of acoustic glass. Compatible with Storm 2 and our Flush window, the acoustic glass we use can minimise the amount of external noise you hear indoors by up to 30%.

If all you want is a bit of peace and quiet, acoustic glass is definitely worth the investment.

Evolution Windows Leaded Finish
Evolution offers 10 standard authentic timber-effect finishes and 1 smooth gloss finish...

Evolution comes in so many colours. Pick your favourite out of 10 standard timber-effect finishes and 1 smooth gloss finish – there’s truly something for everyone. Viewed close-up or from afar, the timber grain effect and colour chosen will leave people in disbelief that your new Evolution windows aren’t authentic timber windows as they look so much like them.

Need further possible coloured finishes? Enter our premium finishes. Because we utilise the Kolorbond system we are capable of colouring Evolution in over 200 RAL colours. You will be totally overwhelmed by the number of colour choices available and are certain to find a finish that beautifully complements your home.

We can also offer dual colour finishes if you want a different colour on the inside and outside of your window. The choice is yours.

Evolution Flush Windows
Georgian bars and a leaded effect…

When replacing your windows, pay attention to the details. There are many ways you can personalise your windows to your taste, including adding Georgian bars and leaded glass.

The Evolution range can be enhanced further with the addition of elegant Georgian bars. Our craftsmen make an immense effort to create these traditional hand-fixed Georgian bars with supreme precision and painstaking detail. The end product certainly testifies to that.

Customers also have their pick of glass, including coloured and leaded glass. Leaded glass tends to be favoured by those residing in a period home as it emphasises the traditional character of their property.

Evolution Flush Windows


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Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



Our evolution windows are the perfect choice for homeowners in Kent and South East London looking to keep the timber look but get all the benefits of UPVC. Read more about our stunning window range below.

What makes evolution windows different from timber windows?

Evolution Windows are true to timber in looks and proportions only.

The mission behind the development of the Evolution window was to create a contemporary window solution with the aesthetic hallmarks of a traditional timber window.

A very successful undertaking in that sense, but the matching looks of Evolution and genuine wooden windows is where any comparison ends.

Evolution windows have energy saving properties that are leagues ahead of timber window designs – the Storm 2 window and Flush range achieving impressive A+13 and A+11 energy ratings respectively.

Considerably lower maintenance than wood and weatherproofing due to the utilising of a UPVC profile, they both also incorporate multi-point shoot bolt security locks and security bolts and claws, to mention just a few of their secure fixings.

Upgrade to triple glazing or acoustic glazing with the Storm 2 and Flush series, an impossibility in a timber window.

How can I customise my evolution windows?

Made-to-measure windows tailored to your home.

You can pilot the styling, energy efficiency, and colour of Evolution windows by personalising much of their design.

Colour is one of the foremost decisions and Evolution offers 10 standard timber-effect finishes, plus 1 smooth gloss finish. Looking for a finish outside of these hues? Evolution’s Kolorbond system allows the windows and doors to be coloured in over 200 RAL paint colours.

Window handles are an integral accessory and whether you wish to have handles that are consistent with any others around the house or completely dissimilar, there’s sufficient variety, including teardrop and monkeytail handles.

At a house blighted by external noise, where all you want is a bit of peace and quiet, ratify the acoustic glass option for Evolution’s Storm 2 or Flush windows, which can reduce the audibility of external noise indoors by up to 30%.

Evolution also offers a gamut of glazing options, coloured and leaded glass being two of them.

What guarantee is included with evolution windows?

10 years of cover with this timber-inspired window collection

The Evolution Flush series and Evolution Storm 2 are both guaranteed for 10 years, a length of cover that speaks volumes of the attentive handcrafting employed to foster these timber alternative designs.

Throughout the guarantee period, you hardly need to dedicate any time to the upkeep of the woodgrain effect and colour thanks to the removal of repainting or arduous maintenance.

The guarantee also provides confirmation that the fitted product is a genuine Evolution innovation – accept no imitations!

If you decide to move home prior to the guarantee’s expiry, hand it over to the purchasers, who will continue to benefit from the cover.

Contact us for any assistance or advice you need in relation to Evolution windows as the guarantee qualifies you for reactive aftercare.

How energy efficient are evolution windows?

Taking energy efficiency to new standards.

Poor insulating windows are one of the biggest culprits of heat loss from homes – they can be responsible for more than a third of it.

Evolution windows excel in energy efficiency and can lay claim to being one of the market’s most fuel-saving window products.

Supplied with an A+ energy rating as standard, the Storm 2 and flush window collections both demonstrate outstanding thermal performance, attaining previously unreached levels with 28mm thick double glazing.

Storm 2 offers a U-value of just 1.3 and is WER rated A+13 as standard, whilst the Flush range also achieves a 1.3 U-value but is WER rated A+11 as standard.
To cut the technical talk and put it more simply – any purchase made from the Evolution range will elevate cosiness in winter, keep you cooler in summer, and lessen the cost of those energy bills.

How do I maintain my evolution windows?

An occasional clean is all the maintenance that Evolution windows need.

Window maintenance ranks low in the priority lists of most people, fortifying the appeal of Evolution windows due to their easy-care nature.

A small dose of upkeep every now and then does the job of preserving their engaging appearance and reliable functionality.

The frames can be washed down using a soft cloth and soap and water. Carry this out every three months if you reside in an area with heavy traffic or keep it to every six months if your property is rurally located.

Any dirt and grime on the glazed surface can also be removed in the same manner. Just be extra cautious when cleaning leaded glass as the application of too much pressure to the leaded sections could cause them to dislodge.

A yearly application of oil or light grease to the mechanisms and stays will keep them well lubricated and strengthen their corrosion resistance.

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