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5 Reasons Why Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Are Worth Buying

It’s no coincidence that with the weather gradually on the up and lighter days now the norm again, aluminium bi-folding doors are one of our best-selling products at the moment.

Orangery Featuring Bi-Folding Doors

They can help a householder get more out of their outdoor space and almost entice it indoors, to the point where the indoors and outdoors become indistinguishable thanks to the large, expansive opening an aluminium bi-fold can establish.

Typically, they’re integrated into a section of wall inside of a house that faces onto a patio or garden area, but they can also occupy a section of a home extension (conservatory, orangery) that’s does the same.

Beautifully connecting indoor and outdoor environments isn’t their only strong point. There are at least five others…

  1. Dominated by glass

Aluminium bi-folding doors have unbelievably trim frames and this enables huge glazed units to be inserted into each individual door leaf. There’s so much glass that you can easily overlook the presence of the framework.

  1. Stunning external views

All this glass provides you with the most captivating and undisrupted external views you can imagine. You will especially appreciate the view when the weather stops you from being able to head outside and enjoy your garden as you can just admire it in all its glory instead.

  1. Ventilation

You can feel the summer weather without taking a step outside by folding the doors fully open to one end. The breeze that comes in will keep your interior well-ventilated and cool you down. A particularly wide bi-fold will be best for this purpose.

  1. Exquisite design

The attention to detail and standard of craftsmanship will be apparent from the moment you set your eyes on a set of aluminium bi-folds for the first time. You will also love the feeling of the doors gliding and floating when you manoeuvre them open, and won’t be able to help yourself doing that regularly.

  1. Low maintenance

Very little of your time needs to be spent cleaning the aluminium frames as aluminium is a weather-resistant material. Just wipe the frames with a wet cloth whenever dirt forms on them, and use a suitable glass cleaning solution to make the glass gleam.


Ask for a copy of our bi-folding doors brochure if this is a luxury item you’d like in your property to enhance home living.


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