What Home Improvement Trends Are Coming For 2019?

Do you have grand plans for your home in 2019? If you do, then it will help to be ahead of the game and have an awareness of the home improvement trends that are set to sweep the nation over the coming 12 months as you will only want to make fashionable statements indoors.

We have our ears to ground and know what will be ‘hot’. But, before we get into that it’s useful to recap what have been some of the biggest home improvement trends of this year.


Exposure to natural light can improve our mental state, benefit our skin and also help us sleep. To entice more light into their homes and transform dark spaces into bright spaces, householders have been turning to certain types of glazing installations including skylights, a form of glass window.

Smart Technology

Is there anything you can’t do with your mobile device? You can control almost everything in your home now via a mobile application when you have a reliable internet connection from your clocks to your lights, heating, cooker and television, and even in some cases, your kettle. Sales of voice assistants (Google Home, Amazon Echo) have also gone through the roof.

Colourful Kitchens

There’s certainly no more playing it safe in the kitchen! Householders are being much bolder with their colour choices in the kitchen with colourful cabinetry being particularly popular. The usual muted whites, greys, beiges, blacks and browns have been ditched for more vibrant blues, greens and purples.

Come January, these are the top trends you should follow…

Spiced Honey

The Dulux Colour of the Year for 2019 is Spiced Honey. Their UK Creative Director has described it as “a warm caramel with notes of amber that perfectly reflects our new sense of optimism and resilience for 2019.”

It apparently works well when teamed with whites and off-whites in furniture and furnishings if you fancy adding a splash of Spiced Honey to your interior.

Statement Ceilings

In the past few years, we have been encouraged to make a designer statement with one or more of our walls. Now it’s your so called “fifth walls” (ceilings) that should be given a daring design with paint or wallpaper.

You can often be a bit more ‘out there’ with dropped ceilings  and make them a big focal point more so than you can with your walls.

All manner of weird, wonderful and wacky statement ceilings can found on Pinterest if you need inspiration.


Floral prints are making a comeback, especially those with contrasting floral colours. They can be found on throws, pillows, bedding, rugs and furnishings.

Try not to go too crazy with floral patterns though as they could be a bit too overbearing and over dominate the space – less is usually more!


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