Choose your ideal front and back doors from our wide range of choices, in a colour, material and style the whole family will love.

An Eden DOOR

Don’t settle for less. Our exclusive combination of colour, design expertise, accessories and hardware will allow you to choose the door that’s right for your home. We want to inspire our customers to create truly breath-taking homes. You’ll find everything you need from a front or back door – and more – with Eden Windows. The journey to discover your ideal door begins here.

Composite Front Door


Whether you want a traditional or contemporary composite door, you can choose from a great range of designs – available in a large range of colours, together with a beautiful selection of glass & glazing patterns and styles.

Extreme Solid Core Door


Our Extreme Solid Core Doors combine strength and style to keep our customers’ property safe while their premises look great. We’ve liaised with customers to deliver a door that is durable, secure and features an auto-engage lock to offer additional safety.

UPVC Doors


Encompassing the latest technological advances in security, energy efficiency and style, we’re confident you’ll not find an Extreme UPVC Door, or one that performs like it anywhere else.

Timber Doors


We carefully engineer our traditional timber doors to provide long-lasting, modern benefits to homeowners throughout Kent and South East London.

Eclipse Aluminium Doors


All of our Aluminium doors are fitted with secure multi-locks to help give you even more peace-of-mind. Furthermore, aluminium is a fantastic insulator, meaning your doors will also help to keep the heat in and cold out.



Solidor composite doors all come fully equipped with the latest security features, including the ground-breaking Ultion lock for maximum security.



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Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



To help you find your perfect replacement front or back door, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about our door range below. If you have any other questions or would like a free quote contact our team today.

How do you decide on the best front door for your home?

Using the experience of our design experts will help you get the right door.

You need to factor in several things when you’re trying to identify a suitable replacement door for the front or rear entrance of your house, including what style, coloured finish, and accessories will coordinate with its age and character.

Eden has all the choices you need to create an utterly spellbinding design and has three varieties of door to select from: UPVC doors, composite doors, and aluminium doors.

Don’t feel foolish if you mistake a composite door for a traditional timber door as they do look very alike. However, composite doors only contain a small amount of wood and as such, are much simpler to maintain. Eden’s composite door collection is labelled ‘Forté’ and succeeds in providing that often elusive trio of top-tier security, stylishness and strength.

UPVC doors have an enduring appeal that continues to entice Kent and South East London householders into buying them. On a reliability scale, UPVC doors score heavily, as they also do for versatility. There’s a high colour count for Eden’s UPVC doors, ranging from Hazy Grey to Dark Red, and we must also point out the natural timber finishes within the palette, sure to please admirers of wood effects.

Allured by aluminium doors? We have those too and how modern they look with their sleek, slim aesthetic, as you can only get with a material as malleable as aluminium. Having the beating of an aluminium door is practically impossible because of how secure it is, and aluminium’s thermal credentials are exceptionally impressive. There are over 400 aluminium colour choices at Eden, with all RAL finishes capable of being recreated.

What is the best colour for my front door?

A decision on colour will be a reflection of your taste and your class of house.

Certain colours are thought to be lucky and bring good fortune. A belief in that may decide what shade you go for, just ensure that your colour choice aligns with your home’s styling so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Any door you buy from Eden will be a fixture in your entrance for years and you don’t ever want to tire of its look, which is why selecting a colour you won’t quickly lose interest in admiring is imperative.

There’s a wide spectrum of UPVC door colours at Eden and hundreds more if you want to invest in an aluminium design.

To have the door make a big, bold impression, go for a colour that contrasts with the surrounding elements of your house. Light brickwork intermingled with a dark door will emphasise the design and bring it to prominence.

A Chartwell Green or Dark Blue door will steal the thunder from other front doors in the area and get guests questioning where you got your new entrance from – spread the word about Eden! Our Citrine yellow for composite doors couldn’t help but captivate people, and Mulberry has a definite addictive charm.

If unsure of what direction to go in, obtain advice on colour and separate door constituents from the advisor assigned to your project.

How to measure for a new front door?

We welcome the providing of any door measurements and find them useful.

Customers tend to be in the dark as to how to measure their front doors and we can always guide them through it, not that we expect you to turn up with measurements as they’re not strictly necessary. All the required measuring will be carried out by a surveyor, but don’t let it stop you sizing up the aperture ahead of your design appointment if you get the time to do it.

Your existing door needs to still be well-fitted for accurate measuring, free of any warping or bulging, or else any measurements taken will be imprecise. It’s worth measuring the internal side of the door frame and both the door opening and frame together.

Line the measuring tape from one side of the door panelling to the other, finding the height by measuring from the top of the door panel to the bottom edge of the door. Measure the door edge to get the thickness and from inside the house, locate the width by measuring the inside edge of the door trim from one side to the other.

Take out your camera phone and capture some photos of the door too, not excluding any side panels that it has or other accompanying elements that we need to be aware of. If you’ve seen a door out and about that you like, get a photo of it, or one in some kind of supplement, rip the relevant page out and present this to the advisor.

Prior to joining an advisor in our Gillingham showroom to discuss your door requirements, you will be informed of anything to bring along.

Is it easy to maintain a UPVC front door?

Only a slight bit of infrequent care is needed to retain the look of our doors.

If the good old British weather thinks it can wear down the appearance of Eden’s UPVC, aluminium and composite doors, it can think again. Application of long-lasting finishes to the engineered frames counters any fading of the colour in the face of the elements they’re exposed to.

You therefore won’t have to trouble yourself with any maintenance of the finish and can just leave it alone.

When any dirt or grime masks the colour, removing it is straightforward and entails wiping down the frame with a damp cloth. Not just any cloth though, but one that’s soft to avoid any scratching of the finish or hardware affixed to the design.

Hot soapy water is best and can use the same soft cloth to clean up the handle, letterbox etc. Once it has dried, a lint free cloth will help to buff it up so that it gleams again.

Just ask for more cleaning tips from an advisor if you really want your door to continuously dazzle and shine.

Do I need to bring anything to my door appointment?

Sharing some of your ideas will offer us some essential insight.

A door appointment will be arranged for the soonest available slot and once you receive confirmation of the meeting date, you can start preparing for our chat.

Pictures of your existing windows and what’s around them will provide your advisor with a general comprehension of what kind of style has the most compatibility with the property.

They’ll also be happy to take measurements of the windows from you – accurate or not, these provide a gauge of window sizes. Following on from your appointment and before the installation is conducted, a proper measuring of the windows will be done, but don’t let that put you off measuring them yourself.

Want to speak with an Advisor? Give us a call on 01634 840999

Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.