Everything You Need To Know About A Loggia

If you thought you had seen every type of home extension that money can buy, think again as the Loggia is the world’s newest home extension and one that breaks new boundaries in design.

Large Cream Loggia Conservatory

Often described as a bridging of a traditional conservatory and orangery, the Loggia was originally designed during the Italian Renaissance by one of that period’s foremost architects, Filippo Brunelleschi. You can read more to know more about the Loggia.

The Loggia of then is a lot different to the Loggia of now as it would traditionally be a roofed gallery or recessed room containing beautifully decorative columns that would be exposed to the outdoors on one side of the building.

Nowadays, while it still very much resembles those very first Loggias, the contemporary version of this most spectacular of structures has evolved from the original design.

Managing to combine light and sky with effortless ease, it features very striking, solid full height or low wall corner columns that help to make the structure remarkably strong. Venture inside its glamorous surrounds and you’re faced with beautifully plastered walls and an equally beautifully plastered ceiling. It’s also impossible not to notice how supremely comfortable it feels inside thanks to the incredibly low U-Values provided by the vast and impressive roof covering and windows.

You would think that a building of such an extravagant nature would require a lengthy construction period, but surprising a Loggia can be erected in a quicker time period than some brick built conservatories and orangeries. Even in this short span of time you’re assured of a fantastic level of thermal efficiency despite the Loggia utilising half of the heat consumed by a similarly sized conservatory – you will never be able to feel the weather inside.

The option to include vertical sliding sash windows in a Loggia may also appeal to some buyers, especially as they deliver expert energy efficiency, security and sound insulation.

It’s also possible to have spotlights and downlighters fitted within the internal perimeter ceiling; together with speakers should you wish to have surround sound booming into the space. Contemplate a cornice too if you desire further stylishness and want to seemingly heighten the loftiness of the design.

A final big selling-point is that you can usually automatically proceed with a Loggia installation as it generally isn’t subject to building regulations. Check first of course, but there’s a good chance a Loggia will be yours soon after you confirm your order.

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