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How To Get Your Home Prepared For The Winter Weather

You will probably hate us for even daring to mention winter when it’s August and the kids are still on their school holidays, but time moves fast. You’ll very quickly be ditching your t-shirts and shorts for woolly hats and thermals.

Solid Roof Victorian Conservatory

But, that’s not our reason for seemingly wishing away summer. It’s more to alert you that you need to ensure your home is fully insulated by the time temperatures start to drop.

If previous winters have told you that it isn’t, you need to improve home insulation as quickly as you possibly can to make it winter-ready.

Winterise your living space in three simple steps…

  1. Install thermally efficient windows and doors

Windows and doors play such an important role.

They contribute to the overall aesthetics of a house, make it secure and they should also aid with thermal comfort by keeping out draughts and retaining the warmth produced by a boiler.

Traditional timber windows and doors are very poor in that respect, especially the older they are.

Exchanging them for UPVC or aluminium windows and doors will resolve matters by heightening the visual appeal and security of your property, and improving comfort levels throughout the building.

  1. Have your boiler inspected / replaced

We mentioned your boiler in the previous point and it’s always wise to have it serviced annually by a gas engineer.

They will perform a series of tests to check that the boiler is running as efficiently as it can and hopefully be able to identify any flaws in the system.

If they feel it necessary, they may suggest that you replace the boiler. In this scenario, try and buy a boiler with the best rated thermal performance you can afford.

You will end up with a beautifully warm home and cheaper energy too.

  1. Add a solid roof to your conservatory or orangery

Are you due to host the Christmas dinner this year? You could have turkey and all the trimmings in your conservatory or orangery!

That won’t be possible though if your home extension in winter feels like standing in the freezer aisle at your local supermarket. But, it needn’t feel like that when there are products like the solid roofing system available.

This adaptable roof can take the place of your current roof and will heat the space up, bringing warmth to it when you need it most.


Time really is of the essence if you want an energy efficient residence this winter. So, don’t put off asking for a FREE quote from Eden Windows for a second longer.


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