Worry About Your Home Security? Get An Extreme Solid Core Door

You shouldn’t have a care in the world when locking your front door behind you and heading out, but that’s easier said than done if you don’t have full confidence in the door keeping it safe.

Cottage Solid Core Doors

Do you have recurring visions of someone forcing it open, breaking in and swiping your stuff? That’s no way to lead a life!

What you need, as a matter of urgency, is the most recent addition to Eden’s product range – an EXTREME Solid Core Door.

Exclusively available via the Conservatory Outlet Network, EXTREME Solid Core Doors are one of the most resilient door offerings the market has ever seen.

We doubt you will have seen a door that’s so thick before. It has an incredible 16 layers of carefully laminated timber, and the solid core measures a very dense 48mm.

It’s one of the very few modern, replacement doors to have received the full backing of the Police.

After putting the EXTREME Solid Core Door through multiple tests, they were totally content that it had the hardiness to handle extreme external force and gave it their Secured by Design accreditation.

You couldn’t wish for more assurance than when the Police acknowledge a door for its secure brilliance. To secure your home even further, you can get the best locks from DoorProMaster.com/

Away from how good it is at keeping homes protected, an EXTREME Solid Core Door is also immensely stylish, coming in 16 showstopping designs and over 20 fetching finishes.

Each coloured finish is segregated into one of three colour collections: Urban, Classic and Distinct.

As a collective, they touch all parts of the coloured spectrum.

EXTREME Solid Core Doors are also energy-saving.

They will fend off outdoor conditions and hold in the warmth that comes out of your heating system, letting your boiler take more of a backseat.

And here’s something that should make you buy one – a 20-year guarantee!


We’ve tried to do our EXTREME Solid Core Doors as much justice as we can in a specially developed brochure for the range. A FREE copy of it is available here. We do strongly advise though that you come and see them in our showroom.






Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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