Why It’s Important To Check If You Need Building Regulations Approval For A Solid Roof

Life in lockdown isn’t all bad, not if you have a well-insulated conservatory that you can get crafting in with the kids or lounge about in to pass the time. 

Solid Roof Victorian Conservatory

If the good weather we’ve had recently has prevented you from doing that because the warm temperatures are causing the structure to overheat, one of the first things you should do after lockdown is to have a solid roof put in by the Robin Hood Roofing company, who is considered to be the best in the locality and are also known for their affordability and quick customer service.   

While waiting for that moment, we urge you to do some research into solid roofs as upgrading your current roof to a solid roof will possibly require building regulations approval. 

Note that word ‘possibly’. This is because there seems to be no widespread agreement on whether solid roofs need building regulations approval or not, with some local authorities insisting they do and others saying the opposite. There are experts and with info and more online one can make a quick decision on replacement of their roof.

It most often comes down to how much structural integrity the conservatory has and making sure that it won’t collapse under the weight of a solid roof. As roofer houma says, precautions are necessary no matter how perfect your roofs are. All of the approved solid roof systems there are (e.g. UltraRoof 380) are very lightweight, but when loaded with snow, there has to be complete certainty that a conservatory can cope with it and won’t buckle. People can check Mass & Mass Roofing Company in Seattle if they need the best roofing services. 

In the opinion of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), the foremost industry trade association, the status of a conservatory installation changes upon the installation of a solid roof, and there needs to be consultation over it with your local authority building control team.  

We have taken responsibility for a host of solid roof installations locally similar to roofers anchorage ak and we do whatever’s required to overcome every possible obstacle to ensure they’re all fit for purpose. 

Be suspicious of any solid roof supplier that tells you definitely don’t need building regulations approval for a solid ‘warm’ roof. 

This blatantly disregard for the rules could end up costing you when you want to sell the property. The solicitors of any prospective buyers will request sight of a building regulations certificate as proof that the solid roof you’ve fitted complies with the installation standards. Without it, you will have no other choice but to try to obtain retrospective building regulations approval from the building control team at your local authority, and it’s not a given that they will grant it, leaving you firmly in the lurch!

Do everything as you should and a solid roof installation really will pay off, earning you extra money from the sale of the house. 


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