Eden Endures A Busy Christmas Countdown

Our fitters are set for a busy few weeks before Father Christmas arrives as many local homeowners are choosing to improve their property ahead of the festivities.

Eden Windows is in very high demand at the moment, so much so that we were taking orders for January 2016 back in October. The New Year is already set to be our busiest yet.

We thought it would be nice to show you a couple of our most recent projects, starting with the above property in Wigmore where a Guardian replacement roof has been added to an existing conservatory.

The old roof no longer offered the thermal efficiency that the occupants of the house needed to enjoy the space during the winter months. So that it can be utilised all-year round, including over Christmas and New Year, they decided to exchange it for the Guardian roof which is designed to restore energy efficiency and make the internal atmosphere more comfortable.

Even when hail or sleet hits the roof it has the noise-reducing qualities needed to restrict how much noise can be heard inside so their enjoyment isn’t spoilt.

Though you can’t yet see the below installation, a set of Origin bi-folding doors are set to be integrated this Hythe property so that those living there can capture the incredible view when indoors.

Origin bi-folds

The luxury of being able to create multiple openings is a major selling-point of these revolutionary doors.

Having a set of bi-folds will also prove invaluable whenever they fancy venturing outside and bring themselves within touching distance of the sea whilst relaxing on one of those comfy looking deckchairs.

If either of the above two projects have got you thinking about doing something similar or genuinely interested in improving where you live then you should call us or pop into our showroom.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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