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3 Advantages Of Installing A Skylight For Winter

Now is the perfect time to get a skylight installed before the winter sets in. A skylight or rooflight can completely transform a room, creating a relaxing and cosy ambiance.

UltraSky Roof Lanterns

Watch the world outside

Both skylights and rooflights are designed to give you a stunning perspective of the skies above, which can be as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer.

Frank Sinatra famously sang “since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” about the pleasure of spending time with loved ones inside while snow continues to fall outside. 

Make the most of watching the snowfall together and embrace the cosiness of the season as you look up towards the skylight. 

The illusion of more space

If there is ever a time we need more space in the home, it’s during winter. Christmas events and New Year festivities often mean extra people in your home, and it can start to feel a bit crowded. 

With the Christmas tree, stockings and other ornaments taking centre stage, there can be a craving for space. 

Skylights create the illusion of more space due to the expanse of glass used and the light it lets in. With the installation of a skylight, you won’t feel quite as overwhelmed when your aunties, uncles, cousins and second cousins all drop by at once!

Let there be light

Make your room feel extra warm and cosy this winter with the additional light you’ll get from the introduction of a skylight. 

The daylight we get dramatically declines during the winter months, so that’s why it’s important to soak up every last bit in your home. 

You can even save on your electric bills by relying on the extra natural light you’ll receive. 

Get in touch online to speak to an Eden Windows advisor and learn more about the benefits of having a skylight throughout the seasons.


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