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3 Things You Can Do To Massively Cut The Cost Of Energy

We often find ourselves short of a few bob after the Christmas period, and it won’t help if your energy bills have started to rapidly increase in price over the winter. 

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The extra heating you’re using whilst working from home will add to the cost. 

Only a few days ago, several energy experts sent out a warning that there could be a £171 increase in the annual fuel bill this year. 

You won’t be faced with such a hefty energy bill though if you become more energy-savvy and take the following 3 steps to cut the cost of energy. 

Switch energy supplier

People are advised to shop around for energy, rather than stay with the same supplier year after year. 

It’s incredibly easy to switch to a cheaper tariff, and you now have companies like ‘Look After My Bills’ who will do the little bit of hard work involved for you. 

Someone who’s never switched before could make a yearly saving of over £300. From them on, they should price-check every year to potentially make additional savings. 

Install a brand-new boiler

Owning an older boiler can count against you as it won’t run anywhere near as efficiently as the models you can buy now. 

The cost of buying a new boiler might alarm you, but the long-term savings you will make from its installation will justify the investment. 

Put it this way. The Energy Saving Trust has said that fitting an A-rated boiler can result in a £340 reduction in annual fuel costs. With an average lifespan of 15+ years, that amounts to a lot of money.

Get energy efficient windows and doors fitted

Excessive heat loss in the home can be put down to the inability of your windows and doors to keep the warmth generated by your boiler inside. This is a problem you can immediately rectify with new energy efficient windows and doors. 

The saving made from the installation will come down to the specification of the windows and doors, but it will be significant. 

We say that with confidence as heat loss can be reduced by up to 75% through their installation, helping you save thousands over the years. 

Orders for new energy efficient windows and doors are still being taken by Eden Windows, with FREE remote quotations available for all of our products.

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