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Transform Your Property With A Cottage Look And Feel

Cottage look and feel

This time of year, it is particularly important that our homes feel cosy and inviting.

One way of guaranteeing a cosy ambience is to treat your home to a cottage look and feel. Snuggle up in the evenings and count down the days until Christmas in comfortable surroundings.

Whether you live in a period property in rural surroundings or a modern home that needs a more lived-in feel, you can achieve a country cottage style.


Maintain the warmth in your home

Part of what makes a cottage sound so idyllic, is the feeling it conjures up. A cottage must be warm and cosy to make it so appealing. 

To maintain a cottage feel, achieving a snug temperature is key. Light a fire, snuggle up with blankets and let Eden’s windows do their job of trapping heat inside your home. 

Don’t have a fire? You can rely on our energy-efficient windows and doors to lock in heat whether it’s from a fire or central heating. 

Instead of constantly turning the heating up, you’ll enjoy a comfortable temperature and lower energy bills.

Cottage window

Integrate the cottagecore look into your home

Both the look and feel of your home are crucial in mimicking the traditional cottage style. 

You’ll find tons of inspiration for cottage-inspired decor on social media under the hashtag cottagecore. Cottagecore celebrates the English countryside and the aesthetic idealises rural life. 

To embrace the trend, you’ll need to introduce retro, floral prints in your home, and lots of them! Mixing prints on your soft furnishings such as sofas, curtains and vintage valances with patterned wallpaper is a great way to integrate the look into your home.

Windows and doors can be an important centrepiece in a cottage. Give your doors a colourful finish to brighten up the bleak weather and choose Eden’s timeless Georgian style windows for a throwback to the 1700s. 

Adding an abundance of wild-looking flowers to your home is a simple way to incorporate a cottage style into your home.

Cottage style

While you may be filling your home with antiques and historic charm to capture the cottage style, there’s no reason why the performance of your windows and doors shouldn’t be entirely modern.

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