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How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

14th July 2021

  It’s very unlikely that someone would turn up their nose at your home if you have an attractive front door.  You, yourself, may have been guilty at some point of judging someone’s house purely by the look of their entrance – it’s human nature.  That tells you how important it is to have an...

Home Improvements At A Snip - Our Summer Savings Promotion Is Now On

1st July 2021

We’re well known in the area for supplying home improvement products like windows and doors at amazing prices, and those low prices have just become even more reasonable.  That’s because we have launched a huge Summer Savings promotion, with money taken off virtually everything within the Eden Windows range.  You want new windows and doors...

How To Get A Lovely Feeling Of Summer Indoors At Home

21st June 2021

  There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to brighten your mood, and we have had plenty of it during the opening part of June. Long may it continue, we say!  You will know only too well that when it’s light, warm and sunny, it somehow makes you feel more energised, and almost like you...

3 DIY Projects We Believe Anyone Can Do This Summer

15th June 2021

The thought of doing some DIY strikes fear into a lot of homeowners, and we can understand that as most of us have had a DIY disaster of some kind.  You need to get over it though and face your fear of DIY head on, as believe or not, many DIY projects you can do...

Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Must For The Summer Months

15th May 2021

We’ve sold an awful lot of bi-folding doors recently and we think that many of those buying them are doing so because they are getting their property ready for a homecation this summer.  A holiday at home can easily make up for missing out on a journey abroad – so long as you’re together with...

How To Ensure You Buy The Perfect Replacement Windows

7th May 2021

We have so much to thank our windows at home for! They make our house look nice, or at least they should. They also keep the weather out, transport the sun into our living spaces and enable you to look out at the world from indoors.  But, too often, householders neglect to give their windows...

Sales Techniques To Be Wary Of When Dealing With Home Improvement Companies

15th April 2021

When a customer chooses us for their home improvements, it’s the biggest compliment they could give us, and we do everything we possibly can to repay them for the faith they show in Eden Windows.  They can expect honest and non-pushy selling at all points of the process, and the utmost transparency from beginning to...

How To Get A Great Setup For Working From Home

9th April 2021

Remote working has been such a big success for certain companies that they have decided to let their employees work from home more frequently, or full-time in the future.  Do you work for one of these businesses? If you do, you will be expected to maintain a sufficient standard of productivity at home.  You can...

3 Mistakes To Avoid With Your New Kitchen Extension

10th March 2021

The living room always used to be the main setting in the average UK household, but the kitchen has stolen its thunder and tends to be where families now join together, and not just for the weekly Sunday roast.  Do you and your family find yourselves using your kitchen a lot more nowadays? Is it...

3 Important Things To Consider When Extending Your Home

9th March 2021

We’ve all had plenty of time to ponder things over the last 12 months and one thought that may have come into your head is the idea of extending your house, due to it feeling a bit too overcrowded.  You won’t be the only person thinking about that after these multiple lockdowns as they will...

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