Bifold or Sliding Doors: The Pros and Cons

Sliding Doors or Bifolds: Which to Choose?

5 factors to think about when choosing between bifold or sliding doors

During spring, homeowners often seek improvements such as sliding doors and bifolding doors to harness additional natural light and enjoy the milder weather indoors.

Unsure about whether sliding or bifold doors suit you best? Fear not. We’ve taken the initiative to explore the top five features of each, testing them rigorously.

Simply watch the short video below, and within two minutes, the ideal door choice will be crystal clear to you.

Whether you choose sliding or bifold doors, both doors are seen as versatile and chic solutions for accessing the garden or patio on pleasant days or evenings, thanks to their wide openings.

The challenge of bifold vs sliding doors lies in deciding between the two options, as each door system boasts advanced materials for enhanced energy efficiency, a contemporary appearance, thermally efficient glazing, and sleek sightlines. Both options have their merits.

1. Visibility from the outside when closed

Bifolding doors: 4/5   Sliding doors: 5/5

In general, the sliding door system offers slightly larger glass panels and fewer frame obstructions, allowing for an enhanced view of the surroundings.

While a two-pane sliding door is the traditional option, we can expand this to include up to four clear glass panes if your wall space allows for a wider configuration.

However, it’s important to note that bifold doors also maintain a clear view when closed, thanks to their narrow aluminium profile. Our offerings range from 2 to 7 pane configurations, ensuring minimal intrusion on your vista.

2. External visibility when open

Bifolding doors: 5/5   Sliding doors: 4/5

Bi-folding doors have a slight advantage in this aspect. When unlocked and pushed aside, the accordion-like folding mechanism enables you to entirely eliminate a barrier, leaving behind a wide, unobstructed opening to fully immerse in the outdoor ambiance.

While the view afforded by an open sliding door isn’t restrictive, despite the absence of folding sashes, the panels neatly sliding behind each other, it’s just that bifold doors offer a less interrupted view.

3. Accessibility

Bifolding doors: 5/5   Sliding doors: 4/5

Bifold doors provide unhindered access when you’re ready to step out of your house, with the panel sections neatly stacking away on the exterior rather than intruding into the living space.

On the other hand, a patio door features a fixed frame, which might deter those seeking frame-free accessibility. Nonetheless, the opening still offers ample space to move freely between areas.

4. Configuration options

Bifolding doors: 4/5   Sliding doors: 3/5

Given the unique layout of each home, a one-size-fits-all solution for bifold or sliding doors isn’t feasible; these products require customisation to seamlessly integrate into different spaces.

Bifold doors offer ample scope for customisation, ranging from a minimum of two panels to a maximum of seven. Additionally, you can request the inclusion of a passenger door (also known as a traffic door), which operates independently from the rest of the design.

While a two, three, or four-section sliding door still provides significant configuration opportunities, you have the freedom to choose from various colours, opening and closing directions, hardware options, and more, similar to the options available for bifold doors.

5. Space saving

Bifolding doors: 4/5   Sliding doors: 5/5

Your property’s size may influence your choice of feature door.

Residents of smaller homes, where space is limited, will appreciate the space-saving nature of sliding doors. Their horizontal movement from left to right, or vice versa, doesn’t consume valuable space internally or externally.

However, with bifold doors, some space needs to be sacrificed on either side of the low threshold when the panels fold and group together.

UPVC Patio Doors
A breakdown of bifold vs sliding doors key features in a table

As evident, bifold and sliding doors are closely matched, both lacking significant downsides or disadvantages.

Bi-Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Outside view when closed
Bi-Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Outside view when open
Bi-Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Bi-Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Bi-Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Space saving
Bi-Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Which is the superior choice: bifold doors or sliding doors?

At Eden, we refrain from taking sides because, truthfully, there’s no definitive winner or loser. The decision ultimately hinges on your priorities, with affordability serving as an additional consideration that may sway your choice.

The true test lies in visiting our showroom to experience both options firsthand. Here, we can also address common queries, such as whether bifold doors are pricier than sliding doors.


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