Make The Most Of Natural Light With A Glass-To-Floor Conservatory

One of the great things about the summer is that even if the weather lets us down, we know we’re at least guaranteed extra-long days and plenty of natural light.

Glass-To-Floor Edwardian Conservatory

Scientific research has found that exposure to natural light makes people more productive, happy and healthy, and you don’t have to go outside to feel those benefits. Take all that natural light in from the comfort of a glass-to-floor conservatory, and you will feel so much better for it.  

As the name of this particular conservatory style hints, a glass-to-floor conservatory features glass panes that practically occupy the entire space between the base of the structure and the ceiling perimeter.

This is achievable by omitting a dwarf wall – a dwarf wall is a low wall often used as the base for the border of a conservatory.

Neglecting to include a dwarf wall to create a glass-to-floor design results in a near fully glazed extension, and one that won’t feel like an oven when temperatures outside hot up. You can expect it to feel as cool as any dwarf wall conservatory as the glass we incorporate into glass-to-floor conservatories is thermally efficient. This will keep your heating bills down and make it useable beyond summer.

Light will rush in from every angle of the extension, to the point where you will almost feel as though you’re in an outdoor space. The external views will be spectacular too. Sit yourself in your armchair and take them in.

If you have any concerns about including a glass roof, you can always ask for a solid roof for temperature regulation. This roofing system can also help make the conservatory seem more of a natural extension of the house as it uses replica tiles / slates.

See the light and buy a beautiful glass-to-floor conservatory from Eden Windows. Request a copy of our Conservatories & Orangeries brochure to read more about glass-to-floor conservatories and all the other home extensions we offer.











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