How To Step Up Your Home Security In Time For Winter

It’s already getting darker much earlier, and at the end of the month, the clocks will go back an hour. 

Thieves in your area will look forward to this as they will see it as a golden opportunity to break into people’s homes, with less chance of being caught. 

Your own home might be one of the places on their hit list, so you must make sure that it’s secure enough to keep them out. 

Funnily enough, it’s National Home Security Month, which tells you that home security should be at the forefront of your mind right now. 

You can beat thieves at their own game by taking these three precautions:

Install a burglar alarm that works

Every 106 seconds, a house in the UK is burgled, and the average cost of this burglary is £3,000. It’s no massive shock though when you find out that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. 

You’d be silly not to have an alarm fitted in your home as you can get a good one for just £200. The types of burglar alarm you can buy vary from bells-only to silent, wireless and dialler alarms. 

As soon as an attempt to break into your home is made, the alarm will detect it and trigger. 

Don’t bother with a dummy alarm – it won’t make a dummy of a prolific thief!

Stop leaving a spare key out

You wouldn’t willingly hand over a key to your house to a burglar, but you’re practically doing that when leaving a spare key under a doormat outside or plant pot as they will look in such places before breaking in. 

Many home insurance policies have been invalidated because of keys being left out and thieves swiping them to gain access to a house. 

If you want certain people to have a spare key, just get one cut for them. 

Never leave a key in the lock on the inside of a door or window either to prevent someone reaching in and taking it.

Get secure new windows and doors fitted

It will be your windows and doors that a thief goes for first to try and gain unauthorised entry into your home. 

Put them to the test yourself by fastening them shut and then giving them a bit of a push. If they move at all, it shows that they’re not sufficiently secure. 

With some old windows and doors you can remove the glass from the outside of a house. 

Internally glazed double and triple glazed windows and doors eradicate this possibility, and they’re much harder to force open as they include several secure components and a robust frame.

You can get a fantastic price on new secure and energy efficient windows and doors in our autumn sale if creating a secure home for winter is an ambition of yours.


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