3 Ways Of Increasing The Current Value Of Your Home

3 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

It’s been very uncertain times in Britain over the past three and a half years because of the Brexit process, not knowing whether it would or wouldn’t happen. This destabilised our housing market, but now that we’ve officially exited the European Union, it will hopefully start to pick up again, and may well see a lot of householders attempt to sell their current property.

If you have a desire to move and are thinking of putting your place on the market soon, you will hope the estate agent you choose gives it a generous valuation.

That will only happen if it’s well-maintained and has enough buyer appeal.

Does it fall short in that regard? If so, you have some work to do first! By ‘work’, we mean making enhancements to improve its value.

Here are three enhancements that are proven money-spinners:

Redecorate and repair

It’s such an obvious suggestion, but a fresh coat of paint, change of wallpaper and general sprucing up of your interior can make a vast difference.

Don’t overlook anything! Everything should be in good working order.

If there’s any damp in the house, get it sorted and don’t be tempted to cover it up. You should even fix any leaking taps and replace broken light bulbs. Nothing should be considered a minor detail.

Any redecorating job should be in line with current trends. For inspiration, read our recent blog post about the hottest home trends of 2020.

Redecorate and repair

Add a decking area outside

Garden ownership is always a big selling-point, but that back garden of yours can be further improved with the installation of a decking area.

A buyer will love it as they won’t have to venture to the nearest beer garden to enjoy food and drinks in the sunshine and can instead do it at their very own home.

Wooden decking needs regular treating, so choose UPVC decking as it will only need a good sweep with a brush every now and again.

It’s quick to fit too, much quicker than a stone patio.

Enjoy your garden

Extend with a solid roof conservatory

You can never have enough space at home and adding extra square footage will almost always lead to an improved valuation and greater saleability. If you want, you can check here for home building company Sydney, and get your home renovated according to the space you require. 

Our advice would be to have a solid roof conservatory integrated, if possible, to add an all-year round room to the building which can be used as anything from a home office to a dining area.

On the flip side, an old glass or polycarbonate conservatory could put people off taking an interest as they’re renowned for offering poor thermal efficiency. If you have one, exchange its existing roof for a solid roof to solve that.

Fit a solid roof

Eden Windows is a specialist in solid roof conservatories. Your home will be much coveted with one of them, as you will believe when you see one in our Gillingham showroom.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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