Will The Installation Of Triple Glazing Cure Noise Problems?

You can definitely tell that the country is in lockdown by how quiet it is outside, particularly so for those people living in a house that’s regularly infiltrated by external noise.

They will appreciate the peace and quiet for now, but be fully aware that it will return sometime soon. 

In anticipation of that moment, they should use the extra time they have at home to explore ways of culling off that noise, with triple glazing perhaps coming into the reckoning. 

We see and hear a lot of window and door suppliers selling triple glazing on the premise that it’s good for soundproofing. It isn’t an untruth, but it will only provide a respite from noise if it’s built right and fitted right. 

Starting with the glass, it needs to be the most appropriate form of glazing and be pretty dense. What you don’t want though is for the three panes to all have the same thickness as that won’t do anything – the thicknesses should all be different. You also want a large gap of air between each of the glazed layers. 

In certain circumstances, replacement windows need trickle vents in order to comply with building regulations. If you’re not obliged to have them, we suggest that you omit their inclusion as noise can seep through window vents. 

It is, of course, then vital that any triple glazed windows and doors are sufficiently installed, being perfectly sealed without even the tiniest of gaps throughout the perimeter of the frame. It goes without saying that Eden Windows always fits its windows and doors to the highest standard. 

Do some investigating to check if there’s anywhere else noise is coming in, such as through your roof, walls and floors, prior to having triple glazing fitted, so you can solve things all at one time and enjoy a peaceful future.  


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