A Guide To Our Replacement Roof Systems

With how fast this year is going, we anticipate that summer will be here before we know it! 

Side Extensions - Roof Detail

As well as al fresco dining, ice cream and summer holidays, summer brings plenty of time to enjoy your living space and bask in the warm sunlight of your conservatory or orangery.

However, you may need to consider upgrading the roof of your existing living space, so it remains fully useable this summer. Unfortunately, an outdated roof can leave your space too hot or too cold, as well as increasing your energy bills.

Fortunately, Eden has many different roofing options to give your space a new lease of life, both visually and practically, including our Guardian Warm Roof and Ultraroof. 

Both our solid roof options are extremely adaptable. They are tailored to sit on top of virtually every type of conservatory or orangery, providing high levels of energy efficiency and creating a year round space for relaxation.

If you choose to go from a glass roof to a solid roof, you may wish to consider adding roof windows. 

Our centre pivot windows can sit within our Guardian Warm Roof, compensating for the loss of light and providing additional ventilation in case of a heat wave.

In addition to increasing light and ventilation, pivot windows offer an aerial view of the skies above, maintaining a calm and serene atmosphere.

Our UltraRoof is able to accommodate large glass panels, made from high-performance glass. The smart glazing invites heat inside, yet cleverly ensures your space doesn’t overheat.

Eden allows customers to customise the glass, including choosing from different tints and varying levels of U-Value, solar heat reflection and light transmission, based on your needs and budget.

Our informative team can talk you through our vast selection of options.

You’ll also find a vast selection of tile finishes for both replacement roofs, from charcoal to antique red, that will seamlessly blend into your existing living space. 

Whether you opt for our lightweight tiles or lightweight slates, you’ll find they look just as good as their traditional counterparts, only they are much more lightweight and weather-resistant.

Don’t miss a moment in your living space this summer. Get a quote for a replacement roof today.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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