BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – 5 Top Tips On Saving Energy From Eden

Yesterday marked the beginning of Big Energy Saving Week in the UK, an annual national initiative setup by Citizens Advice designed to give householders advice on saving money on their fuel bills.

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At the most recent count, figures showed that more than one in 10 households in England alone are living in fuel poverty which basically means that they live in a home that they cannot keep warm at a reasonable cost – rising fuel bills are to blame for this.

Turning off your heating and lighting when you need it most isn’t the answer as these 5 energy saving tips will give you far more affordable energy costs…

  1. Find a cheaper energy tariff

Your first task should be to try and find a cheaper energy tariff and it will take you a matter of minutes to do it. All you need are your most recent gas and electricity bills and then just visit a comparison site and input your gas and electricity usage.

If you’ve never switched supplier before you could save over £300 annually by doing so and you can leave it to your new supplier to take care of the process involved in switching you over.

  1. Fit energy efficient windows & doors

It just so happens that this is something we can help you with! Your existing windows and doors may not be providing the standard of insulation needed to keep the inside of your home warm.

The installation of energy efficient windows and doors will make a world of difference as they’ll retain the warmth generated by your boiler and keep out draughts. Eden supplies all replacement windows A+ energy rated as standard, just about the best you can get in terms of thermal performance.

  1. Request a boiler service

If it’s been a while since your boiler was last serviced or it’s never been serviced, you not only run the risk of it breaking down at the worst possible time, but it may also not be running as efficiently as it should be.

When an engineer inspects your boiler they will be able to detect any potential problems and also check how efficiently it is running. They may be able to remedy any issues or may recommend you buy a new boiler.

  1. Knock off the lights

Do you have a nasty habit of leaving the lights on in empty rooms? It’s a habit you need to get out of as it will be costing you money for no reason.

When a romantic night in is on the cards sat in front of the telly watching a film with your partner, you could also switch the lights off and light a few candles instead to create a loving atmosphere. This will save you money on energy and cinema tickets.

  1. Unplug charged devices

Without our chargers we would be stuck nowadays as we rely on them to keep our full set of mobile devices powered (phone, laptop and tablet).

When any of these devices are being charged keep your eye on the battery level and as soon as it reaches 100% make sure that you unplug the charger or press the ‘off’ switch. Leaving the charger in will see it continue to consume energy when it doesn’t need to.


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