Revamp Your Conservatory With A Tiled Roof

Thousands of conservatories are left unused over the summer months and the reason is because they get far too hot inside.

Tiled Roof Orangery with French Doors

It’s the same story in winter. The freezing cold weather easily passes through the roofing system and causes conservatory interiors to feel incredibly cold.

No-one wants to lounge and relax in a conservatory that offers little or thermal performance.

The solution? A tiled roof!

Don’t give up hope that your conservatory will never again provide suitable temperature regulation. Replacing the old roofing system for a tiled roof will make it usable again.

Because a tiled roof is manufactured using insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board it excels when it comes to thermal efficiency.

No matter what size or shape of conservatory you have, a tiled roof can be created that will sit neatly on top of your existing structure. This means that you won’t even have to replace the existing base and conservatory frames – they can all be retained.

The big benefit of this is that the tiled roof can usually be fitted within just a few hours, causing you minimal disruption.

There are other benefits of scrapping your old conservatory roof for a tiled roof

  1. It will make your conservatory valuable again

Research has shown that a conservatory can add around 7 per cent to the overall valuation of a property. This won’t be the case if your conservatory ceases to do its job property, which is to supply comfortable surroundings. Therefore, fitting a tiled roof will pay off as it will make it a valuable feature once again.

  1. Authentic tiles/slates

You have two options when buying a tiled roof – it either comes in tile or slate form. Choose whichever is most likely to complement the existing tiles or slates on the roof of your house. You should also be able to find a colour that suits them too, which will help make your conservatory look as though it has always been a part of your home.

  1. Noise reduction

Do you have noisy neighbours? If the racket they generate sometimes disturbs you when inside your conservatory then you will pleased to know that a tiled roof offers great sound insulation.

Eden has a tiled roof to suit all conservatories

You can see several examples of tiled roof conservatories at our Kent showroom. Once you have had a tiled roof fitted, expect to fall in love with your conservatory all over again.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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