Make Your Home A Feature Of Your Neighbourhood With A New Front Door

There’s no shame if you want to have the best looking home on your street as all of your fellow householders will be striving for the same thing. You’re only likely to be in the running for this accomplishment if your front entrance sets a positive tone for the whole of the house, otherwise it will sit way behind the competition.

Double Opening Grey Solidors

Stay a step ahead of the rest with investment into a new front door, undoubtedly one of the most essential home improvements you can make as on its own it will completely reinvent the look of your property.

If your existing front door looks a little sad, Eden Windows has a fine selection of replacement residential doors to take its place.

UPVC Doors

When UPVC doors were first developed they had a very visible plastic sheen to them and this was off-putting for some people, but technology has progressed since then and UPVC doors are now extremely aesthetically-pleasing.  

The beauty of a UPVC door suits virtually any house style, including traditional and modern residences, and you can have them supplied in a far broader choice of colours than previously, not just classic white.

UPVC can also see off the weather as it is fully weather-resistant. A wet soapy cloth is enough to remove any dirt that infects the colour and restore its gleam.

Composite Doors

For sheer strength you will struggle to find a door that’s as durable as a composite door. Several different materials are used in the manufacture of composite doors including UPVC and wood. It also possesses a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin and at the core of the door is a thick polyurethane form.

You can see a definite resemblance to authentic timber doors as a composite door has a woodgrain effect which may appeal if you love the look of wood.

Colour choices for composite doors are extensive too as almost all RAL colours can be integrated into them, so you’re assured of finding a finish that’s perfect for period homes, new-builds, cottages and townhouses.

Timber Doors

Wooden doors fell out of fashion for a while as they require so much looking after. But they’re sought after again as we offer specially engineered timber doors that can resist the ageing process – no rotting, no repainting, and no maintenance full-stop!

We allow you to dictate the design and choose between an inward or outward opening, options of sidelights or fanlights and plain or patterned glass.

Opt for any Eden Windows’ door and your home won’t just be the talk of the neighbourhood, it’ll be the talk of the entire town. Explore our full door range here.





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