5 Ways To Update Your Conservatory For Spring

Spring is a very aptly named season as there is nothing like an extra bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures to put a real spring in your step.

Lean-To Conservatory

The improved weather conditions will also be the catalyst for the many millions of conservatory owners to make more use of their home extension.

But before doing that, they should ensure that the inside of their conservatory encapsulates the spring season.

Follow Eden’s top 5 transformation tips to turn your conservatory into a sensational spring setting

  1. Spring clean

The first job on your spring checklist, albeit a dirty one, should be to give the conservatory a good clean.

A clean floor is where the purpose of this post begins from. Start by clearing away any clutter to maximise floor space and either keep it in a suitable storage solution or throw it away. Then you can go ahead with vacuuming, polishing, dusting, brushing and whatever else it takes to restore your upholstery, light fittings, flooring, windows etc. back to their vibrant best.

  1. Add some doors

Create an opening between your extension and back garden by having bi-folding doors, French doors or patio doors integrated into the design.

Each of these beautiful door options will be invaluable when you want to entice in the scents and sounds of spring into the very heart of the structure. You will never have felt so close to your greenery without even having to step outside.

  1. Fill it with flowers

Nothing screams spring more than some colourful daffodils, sweet peas, lilac, tulips and jasmine, so bring a bunch indoors.

Find a few nice vases, fill them with water and make your own flower arrangements to leave your conservatory looking and smelling sweet.

  1. Update your furnishings

After giving them a spring sprucing, you may find that your current soft furnishings, artwork and wall colour look a little dated and past their best.

Rather fittingly, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 is named ‘Greenery’ which is indicative of flourishing foliage. You could perhaps install ornaments, wallpaper, cushions, and picture frames that offer a clear nod to this colour.

  1. Fit some blinds

Your conservatory will be flooded with natural light throughout spring and summer. If it ever becomes a little too overwhelming add some conservatory blinds that you can quickly draw to protect you from the sun.

A very fashionable accessory, they’re also useful for regulating the internal temperature as when drawn they will keep the interior cool.

Fancy having a conservatory for the summer? Eden Windows has a very wide selection of conservatory designs that will each make the next 20+ summers extra special.


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