How To Modernise Your Entrance In 3 Steps

How to modernise your entrance

It doesn’t matter how nice a home looks on the inside, if the exterior looks old-fashioned it’s easy to judge the property at first glance.

Homes with a modern entrance are always quick to get snapped up on the market, and they will often receive a much higher valuation.

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your property, a contemporary doorway will make your home feel more inviting.

Replace your current door with a modern alternative

Eden has a wide selection of modern doors, including our highly secure Solidor range that exceeds customer expectations time and time again.

Combining style and innovative performance, our composite doors will instantly boost the kerb appeal of your home.

To create a truly modern entrance, select a colour that’s currently trending and avoid variations of white. Grey doors are popular, along with bolder shades that express personality. If you want to go for a brighter finish for the outside and a more neutral shade for the inside, speak to us about our dual-coloured options.

Wide range of colours

Add plants to your entrance

A simple way to modernise your entrance is to frame your doorway with plants on either side.

With minimalistic style becoming increasingly popular, it’s becoming abundantly clear that in 2022, less is more. Therefore, select just two matching plants either side of the door, rather than creating a jungle of mismatched plants.

Sculpted topiary trees are simple yet statement-worthy, and you’ll find tons of inspiration for ways to trim them on Pinterest.

Dress your door

Select modern hardware

Grand door knockers and antique handles have stepped aside for more simple, minimalistic hardware in 2022.

At Eden we stock a range of carefully crafted hardware perfect for modern homes, including our chrome ring and bar.

While less is more in a contemporary entrance, an oversized number plate looks great as a feature piece.

Finishing touches

A modern entrance is simple and minimalistic, with one or two statement pieces added. This could be a perfectly sculpted plant, the introduction of a trending colour or finding the perfect contemporary handle.

To view our selection of modern doors and hardware, download our brochure here.


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