3 Important Things To Consider When Extending Your Home

Things to think about when extending your home

We’ve all had plenty of time to ponder things over the last 12 months and one thought that may have come into your head is the idea of extending your house, due to it feeling a bit too overcrowded. 

You won’t be the only person thinking about that after these multiple lockdowns as they will have highlighted just how little room there is to move in some shared households. 

It’s a way simpler thing to do than moving, and a lot cheaper too. 

But when extending, you mustn’t rush into it, and consider everything carefully first, such as these 3 important questions:

Will you need Planning Permission / Building Regulations Approval?

What is clear is that extensions with Permitted Development Rights can be built without planning permission as they meet the necessary limits and conditions laid out. 

Get in touch with the planning department at your local authority for clarity on where you stand with regards to planning permission for the extension.

You also need to find out if it will need building regulations approval. The person to speak to about that is your local building control officer. It’s a separate thing from planning permission.

An extension with planning permission

What is your budget?

Like so many things in life, what you can get will come down to what you are able to pay, so you need to figure out a budget. If you need a guide to the same, you can check my blog here!

Go through your finances with a fine tooth comb and calculator to hand until you have an accurate price point for the project. 

Advise the extension specialist of your budget and tell them that they must stick to it. Once they know your budget, they will create some extension designs for you to have a look at. Only agree to one when you are fully happy.

An extension with French doors

Is it going to add value?

You don’t just want an extension to help your home grow. You also need it to increase its value by a worthwhile amount of money. 

How much value you can expect it to add will be down to things like the size of the extension, where you reside, the type of design and the overall build-quality of the extension. 

The company you appoint should have fitted plenty of extensions in the past, and probably one similar to the extension you have in mind. So they should be able to give an indication of the value it will inject.

A black and white conservatory

Eden Windows has lots of experience in home extensions, and will ensure you don’t put a foot wrong with planning yours. Visit our Extensions page to find out more.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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