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Why Sell Your Home When You Can Update It?

Grown tired of the shortage of space inside your existing home and thinking about starting a fresh and making the move to a new, larger property? Before you commit to such a life-changing decision, consider whether you’re financially fixed to afford buying a new residence and the various associated costs that come with relocating.

White Glass-To-Floor Conservatory

The foremost upfront costs that you will have to contend with include:

  • Stamp duty – the government tax paid on homes costing £125,001 or more

  • Deposit – the amount you put towards the cost of the property when buying

  • Valuation fee – charged by the mortgage lender that values the property

  • Surveyor’s fee – charged by the surveyor that assesses the property

  • Legal fees – for the legal work carried out by a solicitor

  • Removal fee – the cost charged for the transference of your belongings

Are you now having second thoughts about your plans? Scrap them and expand your existing living space for far less with the gorgeousness of a glass extension. At Eden Windows we have glass extensions to suit multiple budgets and multiple house styles and sizes.

You will have to visit either of our two showrooms to see the majority of them, but here’s a little flavour of what three of them have to offer.


The Loggia is a name that will likely be unfamiliar to you, but seeing a Loggia once is enough to ensure you remember it for a lifetime.

Jointly developed by the finest British engineers and Italian designers, the Loggia (translated it means “lodge”) is inspired by the Italian Renaissance period and features perfectly plastered walls with perimeter ceilings, super insulated columns and a glass roof.

Glass-To-Floor Conservatory

There is a higher proportion of glass in a glass-to-floor conservatory compared to a conventional conservatory thanks to the absence of a brick wall.

This enables the inclusion of glazed panes that stretch the entire length between the base of the structure and the roofing system. Being cocooned by so much glass provides occupants with the most amazing external views.

Tiled Roof Orangery

A cross between a conservatory and extension, an orangery incorporates more brickwork than a conservatory which for some makes it a more natural method of extending space.

So that it provides guaranteed thermal comfort all year round, we suggest including a tiled roof in the design, an elegant roof covering consisting of authentic tiles / slates to help it complement your property.

Your luxurious new living space awaits…



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