Sales Techniques To Be Wary Of When Dealing With Home Improvement Companies

When a customer chooses us for their home improvements, it’s the biggest compliment they could give us, and we do everything we possibly can to repay them for the faith they show in Eden Windows. 

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They can expect honest and non-pushy selling at all points of the process, and the utmost transparency from beginning to end. 

That’s how it should always be, but, unfortunately, there are still some companies in our industry who are only in the business for one thing, themselves!

We don’t want you to get caught out by them, so we’re going to advise you of some of the dishonest tactics they will try and use to secure your signature. 

Price conditioning

Unless you have bought windows and doors before, or have great knowledge of the industry, it’s unlikely you know how much replacement windows and doors should roughly cost. 

To exploit that, a salesperson may use a technique we call ‘price conditioning’, where they quote a price and tell you that it is far better value for money than a competitor’s, when that simply isn’t true, and they know it. 

Fake discounts

It’s important to shop around for new windows and doors, getting quotes for them from at least three different companies. 

But a dishonest seller won’t want you to shop around for fear of losing your custom, so they’ll invent a discount of some sort and say that you have to immediately agree to it. 

The discount saving won’t be anywhere near as impressive as they claim.

Big price drop

Because of your unawareness of what windows and doors cost, a salesperson may capitalise on this in a clever way by quoting a very inflated price. 

They’ll do this to see how you react. If you look and / or sound taken aback, they will then vastly reduce the price to make you think that you are getting an absolute bargain, which you probably won’t be. 


“How much do you want to pay for new windows and doors?” You may get asked this question so that the seller can work out what price they give you. 

Do your research and get some quotes in so that you can get an accurate estimation of their cost. 

You can’t go wrong when you appoint Eden Windows. Our customers get the respect they deserve. Contact us for a chat and you will find out that we’re completely on your side!


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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