Make Your Neighbours Jealous With The Perfect Porch

If you had to rate your own home purely on how it looks from the outside, what rating out of 10 would you give it? When taking an impartial view, nothing short of 10 should do, because if you can’t give your own home top marks, how can you expect anybody else to?

Brick Porch on Rear of Property

You should aspire to make the exterior of your property the talk of the street and envy of the neighbours everywhere, particularly the entrance into the building.

It will be once you have had a UPVC or brick-built porch integrated into it by the top team of porch perfectionists at Eden Windows.

People will be pointing their fingers at the porch, loving the outstanding visual impact it has on the house.

And, there’s more to our porches than just how pretty they are, which is why you should make buying one your next home improvement…

Put you on the front foot when selling

It doesn’t matter if you have no intention of moving house any time soon – think of the future.

You may change your mind at some point and an attractive porch could help you attract more buyer interest than a porch-less property. They definitely make home entrances more interesting and give them essential character.

Add value to the property

When putting the property on the market, the person that comes to value the house will take the porch into consideration when valuing it and likely put a healthier price tag on it than if the porch wasn’t there.

Just ensure that the porch is fully in keeping with the style of the house, which it will be when Eden is in charge of the installation.

A handy place for storage

Are you forever tripping over shoes strewn across the house or do you need to free up some wardrobe space currently taken up by numerous chunky coats and jackets?

You could place some of these shoes in your new porch and put a coat stand in there too so that you have somewhere to hang up your jackets. It will be much handier having them in your porch any way as they’ll be close to hand when you go to leave the building.   


Please request a FREE quote from Eden Windows for a new UPVC or brick porch to find out how affordable buying one can be.





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