Old Conservatory Given A New Lease Of Life

Your conservatory really ought to come into its own at this time of the year as there is no finer place to host the turkey Christmas dinner and see in the New Year with those closest to you. But if the extension is failing to provide sufficient energy efficiency it puts an end to such plans.

This is a huge and common frustration for many conservatory owners; however, all is not lost. One of two things can be done to make a conservatory habitable again:

  1. The integration of a solid roof
  2. The commissioning of a replacement conservatory

Even better than that, why not combine the two and have a replacement conservatory fitted that has a solid roof ready incorporated into the design.

That’s what the owner of this old conservatory decided to do and when you see the top image you can tell that it was a very wise decision.

Solid roof Eden before

They also opted to have it equipped with bi-folding doors which when operated create a giant opening between the conservatory and patio area so that they can make the most of that comfy looking patio furniture when the weather allows for it.

Lengthy glazing panels have been inserted into the solid roof to help bring as much natural sunlight into the structure as possible. This will ensure the conservatory feels even more spacious than it already is and illuminate the entire room.

The contrast between what the conservatory looked like before and how it looks now is marked. This really will be a Christmas to remember for the occupants.

If this is a scenario you can emphasise with and you similarly want to get constant use out of your conservatory, we’d be more than happy to assist.






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