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How To Employ Colour In Your Home To Enhance The Space

How to use colour to enhance your home

There’s still a few more weeks to go yet until the clocks go forward, so the darker days and nights will persist for now. However, a bit of colour will awaken your living space in the winter, and going forward. 

A warmer internal atmosphere will be generated by it, and it will reignite your home’s look on the outside, making it a worthy home improvement project. 

We can offer three main routes of adding colour:

Coloured windows & doors

Colour is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal and it’s known to influence our mood, make spaces feel extra spacious and create bold statements. 

Because they’re such a focal feature of your house, why not select a vibrant finish for any new windows and doors that you plan to have installed this year, otherwise, how about investing in some patterned curtains or sprightly blinds for a stand out window treatment and you can also add blinds to stop light from coming in when you don’t want to, as you can find a blinds retailer which offer options for this. 

White is quite a cold colour, whereas a red hue, like Mahogany, when incorporated into windows and doors will establish a snug effect, just what you want during these long winter months as we eagerly anticipate spring and summer.

The inside of an oak coloured window

Colourful paint

Sometimes a simple lick of paint is enough to revive certain things, such as a feature wall, old bookcase or TV stand, and our recommendation would be to avoid cream, magnolia, ivory or anything similar to them. 

Take a good look at the colour wheel and try to locate colours likely to complement each other, not clash. It wouldn’t be advisable, for instance, to have a bright blue sofa next to a screaming yellow-coloured wall. 

You want colours that harmonise together and they will most likely be found adjacent on the wheel. The colours adjacent to blue, green and cyan are very calming finishes.

A kitchen area

Coloured accessories

Rather than go all-in with a colour scheme, you could always try and experiment with colour and do so with your home accessories, such as cushions, rugs and blankets. 

Then, if you grow bored of their colours, you can easily change them at an affordable cost. Another idea is to rotate your coloured accessories according to the relevant season. This will keep your home interior looking fresh and on-trend.

A bedroom area

You can see the colour palettes for all our product ranges in the various FREE brochures we have produced. Click here to get a copy of any of them.

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