A Homeowners Guide To Bi-Folding Doors

Few home improvement products will be more lusted after this summer than a set of bi-folding doors.

Grey Bi-Folding Doors

Architects and self-builders love them and they’re a red-hot lifestyle product for householders wanting to break down the barrier between their home and garden in the most luxurious fashion possible – it’s the ultimate glass door.

Key features of a bi-folding door

  • Offers a full opening

One of the few downsides of a traditional patio door is that it only provides half an opening. A bi-folding door creates a giant opening that extends the entire width of the design when the door leaves reach the end of the track.

  • Slender frames

Bi-folding doors are made from aluminium and the aluminium frames are amazingly trim. This enables large expanses of glass to be incorporated into the frames, giving you a higher volume of glass than you would normally get in a conventional door to maximise the views you get of the outdoors.

  • Make adjoining rooms feel bigger

For some the primary motive of fitting bi-folding doors in a room that connects to the garden will be to make said room feel larger than it actually is. When fully open and either looking into the room from the outside or sat directly inside its confines, it will somehow look and feel more spacious.

  • Beautiful design

It is impossible not to be impressed by how stunning bi-folding doors look; they completely ooze with class. We guarantee that when you see them, you’ll want some for your home as they’re at the height of sophistication.

  • Door leafs

You can have anything from 2 to 8 door leafs included in a bi-folding door design depending on the size of the aperture available. The door leafs fold with just a gentle push of the stylish handle as they’re incredibly lightweight and whether you go for the 2 or 8-leaf option, they will give you continuous pleasure.

  • Maintenance-free

Timber doors need regular attention if you’re to effectively protect the wood. Aluminium in contrast requires very little maintenance. Just a simple wiping with a wet cloth will remove any marks or stains on the frames.

  • Excellent thermal insulation

The doors will be in a closed position for large parts of the day, particularly in winter. Because of the low U values of the bi-folding door you can expect it to help keep the inside of your home comfortable.

A sensational summer is there for the taking when you bring bi-folding doors into the fold. Secure yours now from Eden Windows by getting a FREE quote.





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