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Why Window Shutters Are A Great Alternative To Blinds And Curtains

Practically everyone has curtains and blinds as their window coverings, so why not do something different with yours and get some elegant window shutters installed by Eden Windows. 

Made To Measure Window Shutters

They will be custom-made to suit your windows, no matter what shape or size they are, and really make your windows from Expert Sash windows standout from the crowd. 

Supplied in over 30 paints and stains, and a choice of materials, including Paulownia and PVC, it’s not just their contrasting style that makes them such a worthy substitute for blinds and curtains. 

Less noise

If your house is located on a busy road, the noise caused by traffic and people may be getting into your space and causing you a serious headache. 

The thickness of our shutters helps them to, pardon the pun, shut out noise from the outdoors so that you’re less troubled by it indoors. 

So, if your sleep pattern is often disturbed by noise, they could be what you need to enjoy a more restful forty winks. 

More privacy

It’s really off-putting when you feel as though you have prying eyes looking into your house, something that can often happen if, again, your house is on a busy road. 

Using the slats, you can enhance privacy levels so that you feel less exposed to the outside world, and do so without leaving your living space shrouded in darkness. 

Greater temperature control

The one place you don’t want to feel the weather is inside your home – it’s meant to offer a shelter against the elements. 

Our shutters will do a fantastic job of reflecting away excess heat from the sun in summer and retaining the warmth generated by your boiler in winter, so that you never get too hot or too cold. 

Have we sold our window shutters well enough to you? If we have, the next step you should take is to request a FREE quote for them.

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