3 DIY Projects We Believe Anyone Can Do This Summer

The thought of doing some DIY strikes fear into a lot of homeowners, and we can understand that as most of us have had a DIY disaster of some kind. 

You need to get over it though and face your fear of DIY head on, as believe or not, many DIY projects you can do are really simple and will massively benefit your home. 

With summer coming, it would be a great time to give some DIY another go, and Eden Windows is going to provide you with some straightforward DIY ideas that anyone can successfully accomplish. 

Update all ageing cabinets

You will have loads of cabinets in your house and refacing your cabinets with Gamma Cabinetry will help you get a new look to your house, mostly in areas like your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom areas. 

Are they showing signs of age? If that’s the case, see if the existing units can be retained, and then either repaint them on the outside with a new colour, or reface their exterior, replacing any battered hardware beforehand. 

This quick adjustment will massively modernise their appearance, and this will be felt throughout the entire room. You will also be helping the environment by keeping your units. 

Create a wall gallery

Leaving a wall in your living room plain and bare is boring. It could be decorated with lots of your favourite photos. 

These could be snaps of being on holiday or on a night out with friends, or if you’re mad on sport or music, fill picture frames with shots of any sports people or musicians that you love. 

There might be some empty picture frames already in your house that you can use, or you can pick some new ones pretty cheaply. Just take care when hanging them up. 

Repurpose pallets for the garden

Alongside any unused picture frames, do you also have some pallets sitting around gathering dust? They can be turned into items for the garden with a little bit of TLC.

Upcycled pallets can be vertical planters if you are a fan of gardening and want to start growing your own plants at home, or convert them into a wooden bench, with padding, so that you have a new seating area for those summer barbecues. 

Do you have bigger home improvement projects in your mind that fall outside of DIY, things like getting windows and doors fitted? Eden Windows can organise that for you. Just get in touch for assistance.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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