Flush Casement Windows – What Are They And Will They Suit Your Home?

Flush Casement Windows are the ideal style of window to complement most homes. They allow you to give your home your own stamp of style and to become the envy of all your neighbours.

Black Flush Casement Windows

But, what are Flush Casement Windows?

The word ‘flush casement’ simply describes the opening style of a window! These windows offer an opening which sits flat with the frame when closed, similar to tradition style windows found in the past. Plastic Window Frames and wooden window frames look equally beautiful on such windows.

Here at Eden, we are finding our Envisage Flush Casement Window range is becoming an extremely popular choice with customers, especially with more people steering away from the modern look and looking towards that periodic country/cottage characteristic feel.

The casement style, resembled by the Envisage Flush Casement Windows, dates back to more than 200 years ago when windows were made out of timber. 

Nowadays, windows fitted to houses offer double glazing and generally include a tipped, overlapping casement, not the stunning simple lines offered by timber Flush Casement Windows.

Our Envisage Flush Casement Windows offer customers a UPVC version of beautiful past windows styles, meaning the exceptional performance and first class security of a modern window, but with the traditional style. 

This new and growing popular window range gives customers peace of mind with its ‘Secured by Design’ standard approved design and beautiful aesthetics.

Whether you have a heritage property or want to add more character to your modern build then why not take a look at out Envisage Flush Casement Windows? 

Plus, our windows come with a 20 year guarantee meaning you can be sure you’ve got the best windows for your home with our lifetime reassurance.

We’ll make sure to find the perfect windows for your home. Why not book a FREE no-obligation appointment with one of our specialists and start making your home your dream one. 


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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