A Complete Guide To Building Rules And Regulations In Kent

It is very easy and understandable to get overexcited about the prospect of having a new conservatory or orangery installed at your home.

But have you considered any possible implications and obligations?

We refer to the need to ensure that the proposed conservatory or orangery meets current building rules and regulations.

What do I need to do?

Any good conservatory company will find out whether the conservatory or orangery you choose satisfies building rules and regulations on your behalf. But it helps to have an understanding yourself.

Firstly, most small conservatories are exempt from building regulations. Conservatories are considered exempt when they’re:

  • At ground level and not exceed 30m2 floor area.
  • Glazed to satisfy the requirements of Approved Document K of Schedule 1.
  • Physically separated internally from the building it is attached to, for example, by a door.
  • Without sanitary appliances.
  • Not intended for year round habitable use.
  • Used to some extent for the propagation of plants.

For ultimate clarity, contact your local authority and ask them to send you an Exempt Buildings form.

Complete and submit the form and you will be given written confirmation whether the proposed building work is exempt or not. You can then use this as evidence.

Failure to abide by building rules and regulations could result in you being served with an enforcement notice or prosecuted.

Don’t forget about planning permission

In addition to building rules and regulations, planning permission may also need to be obtained before work can get underway. Again, an application for planning permission needs to be submitted via your local authority.

You may find that the conservatory you are proposing to add to your home is classed as a ‘permitted development’, in which case you don’t need to apply for planning permission beforehand. The relevant planning department will advise you on this and inform you of the current limits and conditions.

Failure to abide by planning permission requirements could result in you being served with an enforcement notice and ordered to tear the structure down.

Eden Windows will take care of all of the above for you. All you need to do is find your favourite conservatory or orangery within our extensive range.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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