Update Your Home With Various Coloured Windows

Humans instinctively make speedy judgements on the people they come across in life and the places they visit. This includes when someone you know or a total stranger visits your home.

They may form an opinion of your home before they have even walked inside as the first thing they will see is the frontage of the building and its accompanying surroundings. A well tendered garden will undoubtedly impress, as will the most fashionable windows.

Golden Oak Orangery Door Detail

If you feel that your existing windows have seen better days have them removed and replaced with modern windows in an enduring finish that instantly catches the eye.

Eden Windows has all the window materials, colours and styles you need to revamp your exterior and add value to your abode.


UPVC Windows – Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) is a lightweight plastic that is surprisingly strong and doesn’t require the repainting that timber-built windows frequently require.

Aluminium Windows – aluminium is similarly lightweight but provides even greater resilience than UPVC, or indeed any other window material. Again, it can be left alone to take care of itself.

Steel Windows – steel offers the same kind of toughness that you get from aluminium and can be moulded to create the sleekest of sightlines, enabling lots of glass to be incorporated into the frame.

Residence 9 Windows – there is increasing demand for Heritage-look windows amongst those living in period households and those who simply want windows with traditional styling and hardware.


It is impossible for us to go through each of the colour options available for our extensive window range as there’s so many of them, but here are a few notable finishes.

White – it may seem unadventurous, but white coloured windows will never lose their lustre and continue to be the most popular window colour due to their timeless beauty.

Chartwell Green – named after the country home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell Green is a subtle green that’s guaranteed to give windows that countrified and vintage effect.

Rosewood – the dark orange-brown-red colour exuded by Rosewood has dark veining throughout it and gives the appearance of authentic wood when applied to a UPVC or aluminium frame.


Tilt & Turn Windows – turning the handle of a tilt & turn window causes it to tilt inwards and gives you a means of ventilating your living space, whilst also making the window easy to clean.

Casement Windows – a familiar window style to millions of people, casement windows have outwards opening panes hinged at the top or side and can be supplied with slender frames.

Triple Glazing – first popularised in Scandinavia, triple glazing is the result of three glazed panes being amalgamated into one single triple glazed unit for the utmost thermal efficiency.

See the full selection of replacement coloured windows supplied and fitted by Eden Windows at our luxurious Gillingham or Bexley showrooms.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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